Edgefield, SC Stoneware Auction Highlights

Edgefield District, South Carolina, is one of the most respected Southern production centers, and its potters were instrumental in spreading the alkaline-glazed stoneware craft throughout the South. Edgefield was home to Dave (David Drake), the enslaved African-American potter whose work is some of the most treasured of all period American utilitarian pottery. Key potters and shop owners located in this area include Abner Landrum (founder of the Pottersville factory); Thomas Chandler (a Baltimore-trained potter who had a large impact on the Edgefield stoneware craft); Collin Rhodes (who owned the Phoenix Factory at which Chandler also worked); Lewis Miles (an owner of Dave, and whose initials, "Lm," frequently appear on Dave's pots); G.P. Seigler, a late nineteenth century potter operating on Shaw's Creek, one of the key Edgefield sites.
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