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Photographs can be sent directly via email or text, and our email address and text # are both listed beneath the contact form.

(Quick note: We will not be operating with normal business hours over the next two weeks, but will be back on Monday, January 4. If you have a pressing need (for instance, an important question about your recent auction purchases), we are best available at 410-472-2016 as opposed to email. With some exceptions, emails / messages will not be replied to until the New Year.)

Our phone number, email address, and post office box are also listed below; give us a call or drop us a line.

If we feel that your pieces are a good fit for our auction, we are more than happy to provide you with a free pre-auction evaluation.

Some Important Notes: Despite the large volume of email we receive, we do reply quickly, but that usually means somewhere between 1 and 3 business days. (Business days are not weekends or holidays, so if you contact us on a Friday, it is not unusual to hear back Wednesday of the following week.) If you send us a message and we do not reply within 5 business days, please feel free to then follow up to make sure we actually received your photos / inquiry. We do pride ourselves on being diligent about replying to all relevant messages. If you have a true time sensitive situation, please give us a call at our phone number below, as urgent emails or text messages may not be read within your needed time frame. Thanks very much!

PHONE: 410-472-2016

TEXT: 410-343-9691 (Only if you're texting photographs; use our main number, 410-472-2016, for calls.)


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