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15TH ANNIVERSARY AUCTION at Our Historic Gallery in Sparks, MD.  |  Details  |  A Few Selected Highlights From This Sale:

WEBSITE NEWS (7/19/19): Just a few final notes as we gear up for (more...)

A Few Selected July Auction Highlights:

  • Exceedingly Rare and Important Twenty-Gallon Stoneware Face Water Cooler

    Lot #43

  • Exceedingly Rare and Important South Amboy, NJ

    Lot #65

  • Exceedingly Rare and Important Pair of Redware Cat Figures att. Solomon Bell, Strasburg, VA

    Lot #102

  • Exceptional Edgefield District, SC Stoneware Face Cup

    Lot #89

  • Very Rare and Important Early Dated Jug by the Enslaved Potter, Dave (Edgefield District, SC)

    Lot #92

  • Very Rare Henry Remmey, Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher w/ Incised Bird Design

    Lot #220

  • Rare and Important Edgefield Face Jug, probably Lewis Miles / Stoney Bluff

    Lot #90

  • Exceptional M. & T. MILLER / NEWPORT, PA Stoneware Jug w/ Elaborate Bird and Floral Decoration

    Lot #150

  • Rare and Important

    Lot #91

  • Exceptional Collin Rhodes, Edgefield, SC, Stoneware Jar w/ Two-Color Slip Decoration

    Lot #95

  • Rare

    Lot #93

  • Extremely Rare and Important Morgan Pottery, Cheesequake, NJ, 18th Century Stoneware Jar

    Lot #78

  • Exceptional and Very Rare Patriotic Civil War Era Water Cooler, Taunton, MA origin

    Lot #33

  • Extremely Rare SAM'L. I. IRVINE / NEWVILLE, PA Monumental Stoneware Water Cooler, Bear's Head Spout

    Lot #151

  • Outstanding 5 Gal. Baltimore Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Bold and Elaborate Cobalt Floral Decoration

    Lot #221

  • Rare and Exceptional MARTIN CRAFTS / BOSTON Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Slip-Trailed Bird Design

    Lot #1

  • Exceptional FORT EDWARD POTTERY CO. Stoneware Deer Churn

    Lot #237

  • Extremely Rare Anna Pottery Stoneware Snake Flask,

    Lot #45

  • Exceptional Large-Sized Pennsylvania Redware Figure of a Dog with Monkey Rider

    Lot #398

  • Important and Unique Thirty-Gallon Western PA Stoneware Jug-Form Water Cooler

    Lot #170

  • Exceptional Redware Jar with Elaborate Multi-Colored Slip Decoration

    Lot #400

  • Very Fine PA Sgraffito Redware Plate w/ Flowering Urn, possibly H. Roadebush, Montgomery Co, PA

    Lot #402

  • Exceptional 6 Gal. Hamilton & Jones / Greensboro, PA Stoneware Jar wi/ Profuse Stars and Freehand

    Lot #171

  • Outstanding HUBBELL & CHEESBRO / GEDDES, NY Crock w/ Dog Chasing Fox

    Lot #284

  • Exceptional Anna Pottery / 1882 Frog Inkwell

    Lot #44

  • Extremely Rare Anna Pottery Pittston, PA Stoneware Pig Flask,

    Lot #46

  • Extremely Rare Lanier Meaders Snake / Grapes Vase

    Lot #324

  • Very Rare COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jug w/ Man-in-the-Moon

    Lot #152

  • Extremely Rare RICH WILLIAMS (African-American Potter) South Carolina Stoneware Jar

    Lot #100

  • Outstanding att. Richard C. Remmey (Philadelphia) Stoneware Pitcher w/ Elaborate Decoration

    Lot #21

  • Outstanding Small-Sized Remmey, Philadelphia Pitcher w/ Elaborate Floral and Bird Decoration

    Lot #18

  • Very Rare Stoneware Sundial att. Richard Remmey, Philadelphia, PA, Inscribed

    Lot #24

  • Scarce Six-Gallon att. Thomas Chandler and John Trapp, Edgefield, SC Double-Handled Stoneware Jug

    Lot #97

  • Rare WILLSON'S & YOUNG / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jar with Floral Decoration

    Lot #153

  • Outstanding J. BELL (John Bell, Waynesboro, PA) Redware Jar w/ Multi-Colored Slip Decoration

    Lot #413

  • Rare Lanier Meaders Devil Jug

    Lot #322

  • Exceptional Two-Gallon H. MYERS Stoneware Pitcher w/ Profuse Cobalt Floral Decoration

    Lot #222

  • Exceptional 3 Gal. Thomas Commeraw (Manhattan) Stoneware Jug w/ Five-Line Inscription

    Lot #35

  • Outstanding B. EDMANDS & CO. / CHARLESTOWN, MA Churn w/ Incised Spouting Whale and Shorebird

    Lot #320

  • Rare 1/2 Gal. MILLER & DAVISON / STRASBURG, VA Stoneware Pitcher w/ Floral Decoration

    Lot #110

  • Outstanding 8 Gal. J. HAMILTON / BEAVER Open-Handled Stoneware Jar w/ Floral Decoration

    Lot #185

  • Extremely Rare att. Stephen Sweeney (Henrico County, VA) Jug w/ Richmond Advertising

    Lot #125

  • Very Rare and Important Stoneware Holy Water Font w/ Cobalt Cross and Floral Decoration

    Lot #288

  • Extremely Rare and Important Thomas Downing (New York City) Stoneware Oyster Jar

    Lot #34

  • C. W. BRAUN / BUFFALO, NY 2 Gal. Stoneware Jug w/ Elaborate Slip-Trailed Bird Decoration

    Lot #268

  • 2 Gal. J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Jug w/ Elaborate Pheasant-on-Stump Decoration

    Lot #249

  • J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Deer Crock

    Lot #255

  • Outstanding Pennsylvania Redware Standing Bear Figure

    Lot #399

  • Very Rare and Important Alexandria, VA Stoneware Jar att. African-American Potter, Thomas Valentine

    Lot #129

  • Outstanding Tennessee Stoneware Presentation Vase for

    Lot #148

  • Rare Lanier Meaders Albany-Glazed Devil Jug

    Lot #323

  • Very Rare Frederick Gossin / Philadelphia Rustic Ware Planter

    Lot #26

  • Fine Early Lanier Meaders (Cleveland, Georgia) Face Jug

    Lot #325

  • Very Fine A. W. BACHER / WINCHESTER, VA Stoneware Cream Pitcher

    Lot #103

  • Very Rare BACHER & KERN / WINCHESTER, VA Redware Jar w/ Vibrant Glaze

    Lot #104

  • Exceptional Small-Sized Stoneware Bottle att. Frederick Carpenter, Charlestown, MA, early 19th century

    Lot #317

  • Exceptional Greensboro, PA Stenciled Thistle Jar

    Lot #176

  • Rare Atchison (New Geneva, PA) Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Freehand Floral / Stripe Decoration

    Lot #172

  • Outstanding 12 Gal. A. CONRAD / NEW GENEVA / FAYETTE CO., PA Stoneware Jar

    Lot #188

  • F. STETZENMEYER / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Jug w/ Outstanding Slip-Trailed Floral Design

    Lot #4

  • Rare Redware Lamb Figure, J. Eberly & Co., Strasburg, VA, circa 1895

    Lot #106

  • Very Rare 1901 Alkaline-Glazed Southern Stoneware Inkwell w/ Presentation Inscription

    Lot #378

  • Rare Atchison (New Geneva, PA) Stoneware Jar w/ Vertical Snake-Style Design

    Lot #174

  • Extremely Rare SH ADDINGTON / UTICA Stoneware Incised Fish Jug

    Lot #87

  • Rare Hunt Scene Pitcher,

    Lot #66

  • Important Pint-Sized Stoneware Jar att. R.J. Grier, Chester County, PA, with Self-Portrait

    Lot #163

  • Very Rare Stoneware Jug w/ Brushed Cobalt Bird Decoration, probably Kentucky, c1840

    Lot #391

  • Outstanding ENEIX & EVANS / STONY POINT POTTERY / NEW GENEVA, PA Stoneware Jar

    Lot #196

  • Fine 6 Gal. Ohio Stoneware Crock w/ Woman's Bust and Floral Decoration

    Lot #62

  • Rare W. HART / OGDENSBURGH Stoneware Crock w/ Detailed Fish Decoration

    Lot #12

  • 5 Gal. A. O. WHITTEMORE / HAVANA, NY Stoneware Crock w/ Detailed Bird Decoration

    Lot #272

  • Exceptional 6 Gal. NY Stoneware Crock w/ Large-Sized Chicken Decoration

    Lot #241

  • Rare J. BURGER JR. / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Crock w/ Slip-Trailed Bird Decoration

    Lot #15

  • Outstanding Large-Sized Redware Jar, Rochester-Genesee Valley, NY, circa 1840-60

    Lot #421

  • Very Rare Redware Inkstand, Maine origin, second quarter 19th century

    Lot #429

  • F. STETZENMEYER / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Jug w/ Fine Slip-Trailed Floral Decoration

    Lot #5

  • Rare BAECHER / WINCHESTER, VA Redware Spittoon with Swirl Glaze

    Lot #109

  • Extremely Rare ABRAHAM MILLER, Philadelphia, PA Rockingham Ware Pitcher

    Lot #32

  • Unusual Stoneware Snake Jug Inscribed

    Lot #48

  • Outstanding Colonial Stoneware Mug Fragment, probably Kemple Pottery, Ringoes, NJ

    Lot #83

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