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OCT. 26

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OCT. 26

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FALL 2019 AUCTION at Our Historic Gallery in Sparks, MD.  |  Details  |  Select Featured Photos from this Auction:

WEBSITE NEWS (10/11/19): Catalog Posted: Our October 26th Auction (more...)

Featured Photos from this Auction:

  • Exceedingly Rare Cornwall, New York Incised Mermaid Stoneware Water Cooler
  • Rare and Important Large-Sized Edgefield, SC Stoneware Pottery Face Jug
  • Rare Alamance County, NC Small-Sized Redware Pitcher
  • Important Large-Sized Manhattan Area Stoneware Jar,
  • Rare and Important Alamance County, North Carolina Redware Dish
  • Exceedingly Rare J. YOUNG & CO. / HARRISBURG, PA Four-Gallon Stoneware Rooster Jar
  • Extremely Rare MOORE & COLVIN, Tallmadge, Ohio (Jane Lew, WV Connection) Eagle Cooler
  • Extremely Rare Anna Pottery Large Figural Stoneware Modoc Indian Face Pipe
  • Extremely Rare COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Man-in-the-Moon w/ Smoking Pipe Jar
  • Extremely Rare FORT EDWARD POTTERY CO. Stoneware Crock w/ Elaborate Scarecrow Scene
  • Rare South Carolina Stoneware Jar w/ Initials and Inscription,
  • Early Southern Stoneware Masterpiece, Baltimore Jar w/
  • Exceptional Ohio Stoneware Crock w/ Incised Folk Art Figure of a Man
  • Very Rare RICH WILLIAMS (Greenville County, SC) Stoneware Jar, African-American Potter
  • Rare and Important J. W. COWDEN / HARRISBURG, PA Syrup Jug w/ Muncy, PA Inscription
  • Extremely Rare J.B. LEATHERS / MOUNT EAGLE, PA Batter Pail
  • Rare Set of Five Lanier Meaders Stoneware Canisters w/ Applied Grapes, Cleveland, GA
  • Exceptional Western PA Stoneware Harvest Jug w/ Elaborate Floral Decoration
  • Exceptional COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Jar w/ Mustached Man-in-the-Moon
  • Rare and Important Slip-Decorated New England Redware Pitcher
  • Rare and Important Slip-Decorated New England Redware Jar with Lid
  • Extremely Rare and Important Jacob Greenland, Cassville, PA Stoneware
  • Exceptional 6 Gal. Stoneware Crock w/ Profuse Pointing Dog Decoration
  • Exceptional COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Crock w/ Elaborate Grapes Design
  • Outstanding attrib. Cortland, NY Stoneware Jar w/ Cobalt House Scene
  • Exceptional Manhattan Stoneware Jug w/ Incised Floral Decoration, circa 1790s
  • Very Rare W. H. FARRAR & CO. / GEDDES, NY Incised Bird Jug
  • Fine Norwalk, CT Redware Loaf Dish Inscribed
  • Rare att. F.B. Norton (Worcester, MA) Stoneware Bank Inscribed
  • Exceptional J. NORTON & CO. / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Pheasant Churn
  • Exceptional W. A. MacQuoid / Manhattan Three-Gallon Stoneware Deer Crock
  • Extremely Rare David Parr, Jr. (Baltimore or Richmond) Stoneware Ship Chandler's Pitcher
  • Rare Western PA Stoneware Bank with Stars Decoration
  • Very Rare Half-Gallon Cortland, NY Stoneware Jar with Cobalt Gooney Bird Decoration
  • Exceptional Summit County, Ohio Stoneware Bank w/ Elaborate Incised Floral Decoration
  • Fine 4 Gal. S. HART / FULTON Stoneware Crock w/ Dog with Basket Decoration
  • Extremely Rare Greensboro, PA Stoneware Canning Jar w/ Elaborate Brushed Apple Decoration
  • Fine Stoneware Face Jug, probably Guy Daugherty, Bethune, SC
  • Very Rare Stoneware Crock w/ Dog Decoration at RONDOUT, NY Advertising
  • Exceptional NEW YORK STONEWARE CO. / FORT EDWARD, NY Dog Crock
  • Rare Wm. A. MacQuoid / New York City Stoneware Deer Jug
  • Rare J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Pitcher w/ Bold Floral Basket
  • Exceptional Lanier Meaders Stoneware Pottery Devil Jug
  • Very Rare J. McCULLY / TRENTON, NJ Redware Loaf Dish with Yellow Slip Decoration
  • Very Fine John Bell / Waynesboro, PA Stoneware Pitcher
  • Important 1803 Pennsylvania Sgraffito Redware Plate, att. Conrad Mumbouer, Bucks County
  • Exceptional J. BELL (Waynesboro, PA) Redware Butter Tub
  • Exceptional Shenandoah Valley Multi-Glazed Redware Shaving Mug, J. Eberly, Strasburg, VA
  • Exceptional J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Rooster and House Scene Crock
  • Rare Small-Sized Stoneware Face Jug, attributed to Brown Pottery, Arden, NC, c1930
  • Very Rare Nestorville, West Virginia Stoneware Jar
  • Extremely Rare Small STAR POTTERY Stoneware Canning Jar w/ Cherries Decoration
  • Outstanding WARD & CO. / GROCERS / HUNTINGTON, W. VA Stoneware Pitcher
  • Rare and Important JOHN BELL Redware Toy Spittoon for Daughter
  • Outstanding COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Six-Gallon Stoneware Bird Jar
  • Fine Small-Sized Bristol County, Massachusetts Redware Jug
  • Very Rare Eberly Stoneware Lamb, Descended in Family of Potter Peter Herrmann, Baltimore
  • Extremely Rare Henderson / Jersey City, NJ Stoneware Pitcher
  • Extremely Rare Cassville, PA Stoneware Mug
  • Very Rare Cain Pottery, Sullivan County, TN Redware Jug w/ Manganese Decoration
  • Fine BAECHER / WINCHESTER, VA Redware Wash Pitcher w/ Marbled Glaze
  • Fine Antique American Redware Dog Figure
  • Rare G. LENT / TROY Stoneware Jug w/ Incised Bird and Floral Decoration
  • Extremely Rare WILLSON'S & YOUNG / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jar w/ Floral Decoration
  • Rare Rockingham County, Virginia Stoneware
  • Rare Miniature Redware Pitcher att. Strasburg, VA, circa 1890
  • Extremely Rare Tin-Glaze J. BELL Redware Jar (John Bell, Chambersburg or Waynesboro, PA)
  • Rare
  • Fine Thomas Chandler, Edgefield District, SC Stoneware Jar w/ Kaolin Slip Decoration
  • Fine Lanier Meaders (Cleveland, Georgia) Face Jug with Round Head
  • Rare T. HARRINGTON / LYONS 3 Gal. Stoneware Jar with Bird Decoration
  • Rare JOHN YOUNG & CO. / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jug
  • Exceptional 18th Century Westerwald Stoneware Pitcher w/ Incised Birds and Impressed Horses
  • Fine 5 Gal. Morgantown, WV Stoneware Jar w/ Exceptional Cobalt Decoration
  • Extremely Rare BAECHER / WINCHESTER, VA Redware Pedestal w/ Applied Birds / Flowers
  • 4 Gal. B. C. MILBURN / ALEXA. Alexandria, VA Stoneware Jar
  • Very Rare attrib. Haig Family (Philadelphia) Redware 1876 Presentation Bank
  • Unusual BUFFALO, NY Stoneware Jug w/ Eight-Line Impressed Advertising
  • Rare
  • Rare Presque Island Pottery / Erie, PA Stoneware Bank
  • Extremely Rare NORTONS / BENNINGTON Stoneware Jar, circa 1810-1825
  • 2 Gal. PALATINE POTTERY CO. / PALATINE, W VA Stoneware Horse Jar

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