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March 2019 Auction at Our Historic Gallery in Sparks, MD.  |  Details About the Auction  |  Some Select Featured Lots:

WEBSITE NEWS (3/15/19): Some more videos of stoneware and redware (more...)

Some Select Featured Lots:

  • Excellent Ottman Bros., Fort Edward, NY Peacock Scene Jug

    Lot #1

  • Excellent HUDSON N.Y. POTTERY Pheasant-on-Stump Jug

    Lot #2

  • Monumental CHOLLAR & DARBY / HOMER 1836 Stoneware Water Cooler for Dr. Lewis Riggs

    Lot #5

  • Exceptional J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT. Stoneware Hawk Jug

    Lot #6

  • Outstanding WEST TROY POTTERY Stoneware Jug w/ Bold Patriotic Eagle Scene

    Lot #10

  • 6 Gal. E. & L. P. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Crock w/ Bold Bird-on-Branch

    Lot #18

  • Rare J. BURGER, JR. / ROCHESTER, N.Y. Five-Gallon Lion Churn

    Lot #20

  • Fine JOHN BURGER / ROCHESTER Four-Gallon Stoneware Jar

    Lot #21

  • Rare 8 Gal. FORT EDWARD STONEWARE CO. Churn w/ Elaborate

    Lot #25

  • Exceptional Northeastern US Stoneware Jug w/ Folk Art Ship

    Lot #27

  • Elaborate Haxstun, Ottman & Co. / Fort Edward, NY Bird Scene Crock

    Lot #30

  • The Anna Pottery High Water Flask: Very Important Elaborate Snake Flask w/ Poetic Inscriptions

    Lot #36

  • Fine Anna Pottery Salt-Glazed 1887 Pig Flask,

    Lot #38

  • Fine Salt-Glazed Stoneware Anna Pottery Pig Bottle w/ Elaborate Inscription

    Lot #40

  • Rare Anna Pottery Shoo Fly Flask

    Lot #42

  • Rare and Important Anna Pottery Stoneware Pedestal with Angel Handles

    Lot #45

  • Exceptional Stoneware Temperance Jug with Thirteen Applied Snakes

    Lot #46

  • Fine George Ohr (Biloxi, MS) Crimped Rim Vase

    Lot #48

  • Fine Ohio Stoneware Harvest Jug with Applied Figural Decoration

    Lot #49

  • Exceptional C. BOYNTON / TROY, NY Double-Handled Water Cooler w/ Incised Bird

    Lot #53

  • Excellent Early Albany, NY Stoneware Incised Fish Barrel Cooler

    Lot #54

  • Rare Small-Sized PAUL CUSHMAN'S STONEWARE FACTORY 1809 Stoneware Jar

    Lot #57

  • Rare Small-Sized PAUL CUSHMAN'S STONEWARE FACTORY Stoneware Jar

    Lot #58

  • Exceedingly Rare Edgefield District, SC Stoneware Face Jug

    Lot #73

  • Rare David Hartzog (

    Lot #75

  • Rare J.S. Penland / Buncombe County, NC Stoneware Jar

    Lot #78

  • Very Rare Alamance County, North Carolina Redware Bowl w/ Profuse Three-Color Slip Decoration

    Lot #81

  • Very Rare attrib. Henry Watkins, North Carolina Redware Bowl, c1820-50

    Lot #82

  • Exceptional Baltimore Stoneware Inkwell w/ Profuse Decoration

    Lot #91

  • Outstanding 3 Gal. Stoneware Pitcher with Flowering Urn Decoration, Baltimore, circa 1825

    Lot #96

  • Outstanding 2 Gal. Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher w/ Elaborate Floral Decoration, c1825

    Lot #99

  • Extremely Rare Brotherton & Davidson / BALTIMORE

    Lot #102

  • Outstanding Miniature Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher w/ c1870

    Lot #108

  • Important

    Lot #117

  • Important Colonial American Stoneware Mug, Manhattan, NY or Cheesequake, NJ

    Lot #118

  • Important 18th Century Manhattan Stoneware Jug with Chattered Decoration

    Lot #119

  • Fine Thomas W. Commeraw Stoneware Jar (Free African-American Potter of New York City)

    Lot #120

  • Exceptional R. Peet / Pittsburgh Stoneware Advertising Jar w/ Large Freehand Birds

    Lot #136

  • Rare FROM J. LITTELL (Greensboro, PA) Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Stencilled Decoration

    Lot #137

  • Exceptional Hamilton & Jones / Greensboro / Greene Co. Pa Stoneware Jar

    Lot #138

  • Rare Stoneware Snake Doorstop, probably Jane Lew, West Virginia

    Lot #143

  • 8 Gal. J. WEAVER, Beaver, PA Stoneware Jar with Cobalt Floral Decoration

    Lot #147

  • Outstanding Small-Sized New Geneva, PA Tanware Pitcher

    Lot #156

  • Exceptional Ezra White, Mercer, Pennsylvania Redware Tea Canister, Dated 1846

    Lot #174

  • Exceptional Redware Bowl with Three-Color Slip Decoration

    Lot #175

  • Rare and Important John Bell (I. BELL) Early Redware Ale Mug w/ Bold Green Glaze

    Lot #177

  • Exceptional JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Miniature Stoneware Pitcher

    Lot #179

  • Very Rare Crawford County, Georgia Stoneware Coffee Boiler, Dug at Oscar Becham House

    Lot #204

  • Very Rare CJB, Columbus Jackson Becham, Crawford Co, GA Jug / Scratch Signature

    Lot #208

  • Very Fine CJB, Columbus Jackson Becham, Crawford Co, GA Double-Handled Stoneware Jug

    Lot #219

  • Very Rare Johnson / Grand Junction, Tennessee Stoneware Churn

    Lot #224

  • Extremely Rare

    Lot #228

  • Fine Lanier Meaders (Cleveland, GA) Double Face Jug

    Lot #233

  • Excellent Eight-Gallon Charlestown, MA Stoneware Cooler w/ Grapes and Birds

    Lot #243

  • Rare FORT EDWARD POTTERY CO. Elaborate Stoneware Reclining Doe Crock

    Lot #247

  • Very Unusual Monumental Stoneware Urn w/ Rustic Handles att. Fort Edward, NY

    Lot #258

  • Rare Inscribed White's Utica Stoneware Mug w/ Elaborate Incised Decoration

    Lot #275

  • 2 Gal. J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Rooster Crock

    Lot #279

  • Very Rare Whites Binghamton Folk Art Face Jug

    Lot #283

  • Outstanding Early American Stoneware Jug w/ Incised Eagle and Bird Scene

    Lot #289

  • Very Rare Herbertsville, New Jersey

    Lot #301

  • Outstanding LIBERTY FOREV / WARNE & LETTs 1807 / S. AMBOY. N. JERSY Jug

    Lot #302

  • Rare 1/2 Gal. Thomas Warne & Joshua Letts, South Amboy, NJ Jug, early 19th century

    Lot #303

  • Very Rare A. KEISTER & CO. / STRASBURG, VA Stoneware Pitcher w/ Profuse Decoration

    Lot #318

  • Extremely Rare Stoneware Inkwell att. Solomon Bell, Strasburg, VA

    Lot #319

  • Fine Strasburg, VA Multi-Glazed Redware Pitcher and Washbowl Set

    Lot #320

  • Extremely Rare Pair of WINCHESTER / POTTERIES / VA Redware Porch Vases

    Lot #322

  • Shenandoah Valley (Strasburg, VA) Multi-Glazed Redware Washbowl Pitcher

    Lot #329

  • Very Rare Early Rockingham County, VA Plums

    Lot #332

  • Very Fine WILLSON'S & YOUNG / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jar

    Lot #343

  • Extremely Rare T. H. WILLSON & CO. / HARRISBURG, PA Capitol Stamp Stoneware Jar

    Lot #345

  • Rare COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Bird-on-Branch

    Lot #348

  • COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jug w/ Man-in-the-Moon Decoration

    Lot #349

  • Rare COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Batter Pail w/ Bird-in-Wreath

    Lot #350

  • Exceptional and Important Philadelphia Stoneware Presentation Communal Pipe Bowl

    Lot #360

  • Extremely Rare Pair of New England Redware Whale Oil Lamps

    Lot #403

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