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WEBSITE NEWS: 8/7/20. Our Summer auction is open for bidding! (more...)

WEBSITE NEWS (8/7/20): Our Summer auction is open for bidding! (more...)


August 2020 Internet / Phone / Absentee Auction

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August 2020

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SUMMER 2020 INTERNET / PHONE / ABSENTEE AUCTION.  |  Details  |  Some Select Featured Lots from this Auction:
Important Double-Handled Stoneware Jug by Dave (August 31, 1852), Edgefield District, SC
Important Stoneware Jug by Dave (August 17, 1852), Edgefield District, SC
Exceedingly Rare and Important Anna Pottery Stoneware Temperance Jug, circa 1862
Exceptional Stoneware Jar by Dave (February 2, 1852), with Rare Rutile Decoration, Edgefield District, SC
Extremely Important Solomon Bell Presentation Stoneware Jar, Made for Tillie Bell at JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Shop
Monumental 34-Inch Stoneware Urn attrib. New York Stoneware Co., Fort Edward, NY
Important Anna Pottery Stoneware Horace Greeley Political Pig Flask
Exceedingly Rare and Important Stoneware Face Harvest Jug Depicting an African-American Man, Northeastern U.S. or Ohio, circa 1830-60
Exceptional COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jug w/ Cobalt Bird and Grapes Motif
Fine J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT. Stoneware Deer Jug
Rare Copper-Glazed Redware Fish Bottle, Salem, NC origin, circa 1801-1829
Exceedingly Rare Remmey Stoneware Presentation Bank with Bird Finial,
Exceptional and Important B.C. MILBURN / ALEXA Stoneware Jar w/ Profuse Slip-Trailed Cobalt Decoration (Alexandria, VA)
Extremely Rare and Important
Exceptional Stoneware
Exceptional JOHN BURGER / ROCHESTER Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Elaborate Slip-Trailed Decoration
Extremely Rare Berks County, Pennsylvania Redware Pig Flask, Henne Family, Bern Township, 1830-60
Exceptional Anna Pottery / 1882 Salt-Glazed Stoneware Pig Flask
Outstanding Three-Gallon Stoneware Pedestal-Based Water Cooler,
Exceptional J.S. NASH, Marion County, Texas Stoneware Jar
Outstanding C. BRAUN / BUFFALO, NY Stoneware Crock w/ Horse and Jockey Decoration
Outstanding J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Churn w/ Cobalt Double-Pheasant Decoration
Fine George Ohr Pottery Vase in Speckled Green Glaze
Outstanding J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Six-Gallon Water Cooler w/ Profuse Flowering Urn / Compote
Outstanding T.W. CRAVEN (North Carolina) Stoneware Jar with Cobalt
Exceptional P. H. Smith, Akron, Ohio Stoneware Jar w/ Mermaid Decoration
Very Rare 2 Gal. Stoneware Rabbit Jar, attrib. Albany, New York
Fine Three-Gallon COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Man-in-the-Moon Jug
Very Rare One-Gallon Stoneware Jug w/ People Decoration, Morgantown, WV origin
Exceedingly Rare and Important Samuel Butter / CLARKSBURG / Va. Redware Jug
Rare and Fine M. & T. MILLER / NEWPORT, PA Four-Gallon Stoneware Jug w/ Profuse Decoration
Outstanding North Carolina Moravian Redware Bowl w/ Multi-Colored Slip Decoration
Fine George Ohr Vase with Crumpled Form
Outstanding JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Oversized Redware Tub with Rope-Twist Handles
Rare attrib. J.H. Miller / Brandenburg, KY Stoneware Canning Jar w/ MAYSVILLE Advertising
Extremely Rare Large-Sized Palatine, WV Stoneware Bowl with Freehand Cobalt Decoration
Very Rare T.D. HARDEN. / PALATINE. W. VA. Stoneware Harvest Jug
Exceedingly Rare and Important 18th Century New England Redware Bottle, probably Charlestown, MA
Outstanding Wm. MacQuoid / New York City Five-Gallon Crock w/ Elaborate Woman Feeding Chickens Scene
Extremely Rare Stoneware Hanging Flowerpot w/ Applied Pine Cones, David Greenland Thompson, Morgantown, WV
Exceptional 20 Gal. JAS. HAMILTON & CO. / GREENSBORO, PA Stoneware Eagle Crock
Rare 10 Gal. D. G. THOMPSON / MORGANTOWN Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Cobalt Decoration
Extremely Rare Oversized Anna Pottery Stoneware Pig Flask
Very Rare COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jug w/ Cobalt Grape and Foliate Spray Decoration
Shenandoah Valley Multi-Glazed Redware Pitcher and Bowl Set, attrib. J. Eberly & Co., Strasburg, VA, circa 1890
Fine Stoneware Jar attrib. Thomas Chandler at the Trapp & Chandler Pottery, Edgefield District, SC, circa 1848-50
Exceedingly Rare MILLERS POTTERY. / P.O. / RACOON, / W.VA. Double-Handled Stoneware Jug
Exceptional Stoneware Figure of a Dog with Three-Color Glaze, attrib. Donaghho, Parkersburg, WV
Very Rare E.L. FARRAR / IBERVILLE, P.Q. Stoneware Jug w/ Incised Figural Decoration
Rare Small-Sized Greensboro, PA Stoneware Presentation Jar w/ Elaborate Decoration, Inscribed
Extremely Rare and Important Thomas Downing (New York City) Stoneware Oyster Jar
Fine 5 Gal. att. Thomas Chandler Stoneware Jar with Kaolin Slip Decoration, Edgefield, SC, c1850
Very Fine N. CLARK & CO. / LYONS Stoneware Jug w/ Man's Profile Decoration
Very Rare Beaver, PA Stoneware Harvest Jug w/ Floral Decoration
Rare Glazed Berks County, PA Redware Figure of a Tiger
Extremely Rare H. R. MARSHALL, Baltimore, MD, circa 1822 Stoneware Jar
Exceptional BOYERS & HARDEN / PALATINE / W VA Six-Gallon Stoneware Crock w/ Elaborate Decoration
Scarce Three-Gallon JOHN YOUNG & CO / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Jug
Exceedingly Rare KNOX & BRO / POTTERS / Shinnston / W Va Stoneware Cake Crock
Extremely Rare BROWN BROTHERS / HUNTINGTON, / L.I. Stoneware Jar Inscribed
Exceptional LYMAN FENTON & CO. / BENNINGTON, VT Standing Lion on Base
Rare and Fine Isaac Hewitt, Jr. / RICES LANDING, PA Double-Handled Stoneware Jug
Outstanding WM. E. WARNER / WEST TROY Stoneware Jar w/ Bold Slip-Trailed Eagle Decoration
Very Rare Tennessee Stoneware Pitcher att. Hedgecough Pottery, Putnam County
Exceptional J KEISTER & CO / STRASBURG, VA Stoneware Pitcher w/ Elaborate Cobalt Floral Decoration
Extremely Rare CARVER & WIGHTMAN / EDINBURG / Va Stoneware Pitcher
George Ohr Pottery Log Cabin Inkwell, Yellow Glaze
Exceptional WB (Washington Becham, Crawford County, Georgia) Stoneware Churn with Lid
Outstanding 1888 Tanware Canister w/ Elaborate Albany Slip Floral Decoration
Outstanding attrib. J. Eberly & Co., Strasburg, VA Redware Urn w/ Profuse Slip Floral Decoration
Exceptional 4 Gal. Manhattan Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Incised Decoration, circa 1790
Very Fine CAMDEN, PA Western PA Stoneware Advertising Jar w/ Bold Stenciled Eagle Decoration
Monumental 10 Gal. Greensboro, PA Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Freehand Decoration
Rare J. SWANN / ALEXA (John Swann, Alexandria, VA) Stoneware Jar
Exceptional Incised
Very Unusual C. BOYNTON / TROY Stoneware Fish Jar
Very Rare JORDAN, New York Stoneware Jug w/ Incised Bird Decoration
Outstanding JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO 1871 Celadon-Glazed Stoneware Jar w/ Salt-Glazed Lid
Unusual George Ohr Pottery Inkwell on Base
George Ohr Pottery Lidded Vase
Rare J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Crock w/ Dog Decoration
Fine Sand Mountain, Alabama Double-Handled Stoneware Jar
Very Rare Stoneware Ju  Inscribed
Five-Gallon Stoneware Jar by African-American Potter Lucius Jordan, Washington County, GA, c1865
Rare HUGH SMITH & CO (Alexandria, VA) Inscribed
Very Rare Period Photograph of an African-American Man Holding a Stoneware Jug
Fine A. WILCOX / West Bloomfield, N.Y. Redware Jar
Extremely Rare and Important Thomas M. Jackson (New York City) Stoneware Oyster Jar
Exceptional John L. Rue & Co., South Amboy, NJ Multi-Colored Rockingham Glazed Frog Pitcher
Very Rare Redware Jar w/ Utica, New York Advertising, circa 1840
Very Rare Hugh R. Marshall Stoneware Jar, Fredericksburg or Rockbridge County, VA, c1830

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