Thursday, October 29, 2020.

October 20, 2020. 4:19pm. Added some more Fall auction featured photos to the website this afternoon.

October 7, 2020. 3:45pm. Added more Fall auction featured photos to the website this afternoon.

September 29, 2020. 4:08pm. Our FIRST PHOTOS of Stoneware & Redware to be sold in our upcoming November 20 - December 4 auction have been posted this afternoon! Click here to view them. We are NOW ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS for this, our last auction of 2020. Our previous two auctions this year both saw numerous world records broken and each achieved grosses of well over $1Million. Based on current activity, the market for American stoneware & redware at our auction is perhaps the strongest it has ever been. Please feel free to contact us today for possible inclusion of your pottery in our Fall sale! We'd be happy to speak with you and give you a free, honest assessment of your items.

September 3, 2020. 3:21pm. Fall Auction Date Announced & Summer Auction Retrospective: Our Fall auction will be held in the same format as our Spring and Summer sales, beginning November 20 and ending December 4. Please feel free to see our recent blog posting for a rundown of the Summer sale and a link to an article about it in Antiques & The Arts Weekly. We are Now Accepting Consignments for this sale and will begin sharing photos on the website in the coming weeks; please feel free to contact us today to discuss including your pottery in what will certainly be another great auction. Thanks very much to everyone and stay safe and well!

August 22, 2020. 3:26pm. Thanks so much to everyone for your strong participation in our Summer 2020 auction! You can view final prices here:

We are compiling invoices for the remainder of the weekend and are emailing them out, as usual, first thing Monday morning. Thank you again! All Our Best, The Zipps

August 22, 2020. 8:36am. Link for Saturday's phone bidding session: You can see the final prices for the $2000+ lots that are selling in today's callback session at

(These will be updated throughout the day.)

Thanks so much to everyone for your strong participation in this auction! Winning invoices are being compiled over the course of this weekend; feel free to check your email inboxes now for a breakdown of the lots for which you were a successful bidder, and those for which you will be called today. These were sent after the completion of all lots last night. Thanks again! All our Best, The Zipps

August 20, 2020. 1:07pm. A Few Important Notes: Online bidding for this sale ends Friday, August 21, at 10pm eastern time, with a special callback session on Saturday, August 22, for lots that have achieved a bid of $2000 by the previous evening's close.

Since we're approaching the end of the sale, here are a few details / clarifications about the last two days of the auction:

1. Online Auction End: Bidding ends on each lot at 10pm eastern time on August 21. However, any lots that receive bids within 10 minutes of that closing time (in other words, from 9:50pm onward) will end ten minutes beyond their latest bid. For example, if someone bids on an item at 9:52 pm, that lot will close at 10:02 pm, barring any further bids. If someone then bids on that lot at 10:01pm, the lot would close at 10:11pm, and so on. Once the final ten minutes expires, the lot is closed for online bidding. Lots that have not reached a minimum of $2000 are now sold. Lots that have reached a minimum of $2000 go on to the following day's Callback Session.

2. Callback Session: Lots that have reached the aforementioned $2000 minimum will be sold via telephone bidding on Saturday, August 22. As has always been the case with our auctions, this session will begin at 10am eastern time, and phone bidding will proceed as similarly to our live auctions as possible, with the top four bidders on each of these lots being called simultaneously to compete against each other in the manner of traditional phone bidding. (Top four bidders must also have bid at least 50% of the current bid level in order to be called.) We will begin with Lot 1 and continue throughout the day, and a schedule with half-hour time windows is available here. (Please make sure you have your current Phone Number(s) on file with us if you plan on participating in Saturday's phone bidding session. You can update your contact info by visiting:

3. Whether you win lots on Friday night or are going to be bidding with us on Saturday, the website's catalog pages will update you accordingly. You will be notified that you've won any given lot in the following ways: On each lot page, right now you are currently updated if you are the current high bidder or you have been outbid. Beginning Friday at 10am, these same pages will tell you if you are a top four bidder. At the auction close, they'll tell you if you've won the lot. Meanwhile, your My Bids page (available from any of the lot pages) will also keep a running score of what you have and haven't won. Finally, at the end of Friday's bidding we will be generating End of Auction Reports that will come to your email inbox, telling you everything you've won and everything for which you will be called during Saturday's phone session. (Proper final invoices will also be emailed to you once they have been collated; these will be sent first thing Monday morning.)

We hope this answers some potential last-minute questions, and please feel free to contact us if you have any others! Thanks very much for your interest.

August 7, 2020. 9:04am. Our Summer auction is open for bidding! For a quick intro to the auction and a great video gallery walk that Mark and Luke put together, please see our latest blog posting: Summer 2020 Auction: Introduction and Gallery Walk

Quick Links: Full Online Catalog  |  How to Bid

August 6, 2020. 9:09am. The online catalog is now available for browsing in anticipation of the start of bidding, which occurs tomorrow morning (Friday, August 7) at 10am. Click here to view it!

If you didn't participate in our last auction, please check out our How to Bid page to familiarize yourself with the format of this auction. If you did bid in the Spring auction, the only differences are slight changes in the way we handle callbacks and new details about visiting the gallery and previewing items in person. (Click here for all of that info.)

Thanks very much for your interest in this auction and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

July 21, 2020. 4:26pm. Added more August featured photos to the website this afternoon.

July 14, 2020. 3:42pm. We added more featured photos from our upcoming August auction today.

July 10, 2020. 2:07pm. Added more August featured photos to the website this afternoon. (Please note that photos have been rearranged.)

June 30, 2020. 2:29pm. We added more featured photos from our upcoming August auction today.

June 24, 2020. 1:43pm. Added more August featured photos to the website this afternoon.

June 18, 2020. 2:58pm. Added our FIRST PHOTOS of lots to be offered in our upcoming August auction! Click here to view them.

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