Friday, May 29, 2020.

May 8, 2020. 9:39am. Thank you for your strong support of our Spring 2020 auction! The sale was a tremendous success, setting a number of records, including a World Record for an American Utilitarian Pottery Auction, being our highest grossing sale to date. This auction was a "white-glove" event, which experienced a 100% sell-through rate, also achieving our highest average price per lot at over $3,600/ lot. Notable records set in this auction include:

$1,386,840 - WORLD AUCTION RECORD FOR AN AMERICAN UTILITARIAN POTTERY AUCTION. (Prices include 20% buyer's premium)







Our sincere gratitude goes out to all who made this event an historic one for us, despite the uncertain times in which we currently live.

Like our Spring auction, our Summer 2020 sale was originally planned as an on-site, live auction to be held in July at our gallery in Sparks, Maryland. However, it has become apparent due to COVID that this event, too, will not be able to be held in the manner in which it was conceived--at least not in any feasible way. After careful consideration, we are announcing that our Summer 2020 auction will again be held in a remote, online format in August, with the dates to be determined soon. A number of outstanding consignments are already in hand and we are currently procuring objects for this auction. For those unable to ship their items, please feel free to contact us to discuss a complimentary, no-contact pick-up of your pottery.

Saturday's hammer prices indicate a strength in the market rarely seen before and a keen focus among collectors to aggressively pursue objects that they truly love. We encourage any potential consignors to contact us as soon as possible as space in our Summer auction is limited. Please check our website in the coming weeks as we begin to post highlights. We look forward to another fun and exciting ceramics event in August and to once again bringing you the finest selection of early American pottery available anywhere.

All Our Best,
Anthony, Barbara, Brandt, Luke & Mark Zipp

May 2, 2020. 7:34am. Thanks so much to everyone who's participated in our current auction! As noted, those of you who won lots in the online portion of the auction (which completed last night) will receive your invoices by first thing Monday morning; we are compiling them over the course of the weekend. Today's final phone bidding session begins at 10am; if you haven't yet looked at the schedule or want further information, please see:

Remember also that you can follow the results of today's phone bidding session here:

Feel free to take a look! Final hammer prices will be noted as soon as the bidding on any given lot is completed.

May 1, 2020. 12:14pm. IMPORTANT FINAL NOTES:

We've reached the final day of internet bidding for our current Spring 2020 auction. Thanks so much for all of your bids and for your strong interest in this sale! Since bidding through the website will close at 10pm eastern time, here are a few last-minute reminders / things to expect:

Lots that do not reach a bid level of $1000 by tonight's auction close sell at that time. Any lots receiving new competing bids after 9:50pm extending 10 minutes beyond their final bid. For example, if someone bids on a lot at 9:55 tonight, that lot will close at 10:05, barring any other bids. (To answer a potential question, if you are already the high bidder during this period and decide to increase your maximum bid, this will NOT extend the auction time.)

Lots that have reached a threshold of $1000 go on to final bidding in Saturday's phone bid / callback session, which will proceed as closely to a regular Crocker Farm auction as possible, and is open only to the top four bidders on each of these $1000+ lots. Please make sure you have your current Phone Number(s) on file with us if you plan on participating in Saturday's phone bidding session. You can update your contact info by visiting: If you'd like a sense of when we'll be calling you--or would simply like more information on this process--please visit:

Whether you win lots tonight or are going to be bidding with us tomorrow, the website's catalog pages will update you accordingly. You will be notified that you've won any given lot in the following ways: On each lot page, right now you are currently updated if (a) You are the current high bidder (b) You have been outbid (c) You are a top four bidder. At the auction close, these same pages will also tell you if you've won the lot. Meanwhile, your My Bids page (available from any of the lot pages) will also keep a running score of what you have and haven't won. Finally, at the end of tonight's bidding we will be generating End of Auction Reports that will come to your email inbox, telling you everything you've won and everything for which you will be called during tomorrow's phone session. (Proper final invoices will also be emailed to you once they have been collated; these will be sent first thing Monday morning.)

Finally, you can follow Saturday's phone bidding online and see the final hammer price of each lot as soon as it sells, at the following link; this page will remain blank until we have collated all of the callback lots following tonight's internet bidding:

If you have any questions, please just let us know, and we look forward to speaking with many of you tomorrow. Thank you again!

All Our Best,
Anthony, Barbara, Brandt, Luke & Mark Zipp

April 27, 2020. 1:13pm. A Few Important Notes: Online bidding for this sale ends this Friday, May 1st, at 10pm eastern time, with a special callback session on Saturday, May 2, for lots that have achieved a bid of $1000 by the previous evening's close.

Since we're approaching the end of the sale, here are a few details / clarifications about the last two days of the auction:

1. Online Auction End: Bidding ends on each lot at 10pm eastern time. However, any lots that receive bids within 10 minutes of that closing time (in other words, from 9:50pm onward) will end ten minutes beyond their latest bid. For example, if someone bids on an item at 9:52 pm, that lot will close at 10:02 pm, barring any further bids. If someone then bids on that lot at 10:01pm, the lot would close at 10:11pm, and so on. Once the final ten minutes expires, the lot is closed for online bidding. Lots that have not reached a minimum of $1000 are now sold. Lots that have reached a minimum of $1000 go on to the following day's Callback Session.

2. Callback Session: Lots that have reached the aforementioned $1000 minimum will be sold via telephone bidding on Saturday, May 2. As has always been the case with our auctions, this session will begin at 10am eastern time, and phone bidding will proceed as similarly to our live auctions as possible, with the top four bidders on each of these lots being called simultaneously to compete against each other in the manner of traditional phone bidding. We will begin with Lot 1 and continue throughout the day; we are currently working on a schedule that lumps lots into hour-long windows within which you should expect your lot(s) to sell. We will be releasing this schedule over the next few days; please make sure you are available for a phone call during the time windows stipulated for each lot.

To answer what may be common questions about who is eligible to bid in the Callback Session: Only the top four bidders as of the previous evening's auction close will be eligible to participate on any given lot. The lot itself must have hit a minimum online bid of $1000 for it to be included in this session, but a top four bidder does not have to have bid $1000 on that lot in order to be included. For example, if a lot has reached exactly $1000, all three underbidders would be included on Saturday, even though they may have bid $500, $600, and $950, respectively.

Again, we'll be in touch with the phone bidding schedule for May 2 along with other details; if you have any questions, always feel free to give us a call at (410) 472-2016 or email us. We hope you all are enjoying our online bidding format and look forward to speaking with many of you on May 2nd!

April 17, 2020. 3:55pm. Added some more videos of lots featured in our current auction. Click here to view them!

April 8, 2020. 11:13am. Video Gallery Walk: Mark and Luke shot a gallery walk for our current Spring 2020 auction. You can check it out on our Videos Page, our Blog, or directly on YouTube here.

April 6, 2020. 3:47pm. Relaunched Spring 2020 Stoneware / Redware Auction Online: Our postponed Spring 2020 auction is now live! Relaunched as a remote-only, internet / phone / absentee auction, you can begin leaving bids right through our website here.

The auction will run from today, April 6, through Friday, May 1, with a special callback session for $1000+ lots on Saturday, May 2, to complete the sale.

If you have any questions about how the new auction works, feel free to visit our How to Bid page or please contact us; browsing the catalog, though, will probably answer most questions, and we have tried to make bidding as easy and engaging as possible.

Thanks very much for your interest in our auctions, and we continue to wish you health and safety during this time.

Our Very Best,
Anthony, Barbara, Brandt, Luke & Mark Zipp

April 6, 2020. 8:06am. 10am Auction Launch: We are preparing the website for the 10am launch of our Spring 2020 auction; in the meantime, the older lot pages will still be active, but check back at 10am for the new format!

April 2, 2020. 4:15pm. An Important Message About Our Postponed Spring 2020 Auction:

First and foremost, we hope you are all safe and healthy. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been carefully considering the best path forward for our postponed March 21, 2020 auction. We greatly appreciate the feedback we've received from bidders over this time period and have been happy to see how other auction houses have proceeded very successfully with online-only auctions.

Taking both the safety of our bidders and the current COVID-related restrictions and projections into account, our Spring 2020 auction has been converted into a Remote-Only, Internet / Phone / Absentee auction that will begin Monday, April 6 and end Friday, May 1, with a special callback session to finish the sale on Saturday, May 2.

This new format is a popular one that is widely-used by various national specialty auctions. If you aren't familiar with how these extended absentee auctions work, or would like further information on rules for bidding, etc., please see our newly-revamped HOW TO BID page. There you will find an extensive breakdown of how the new auction format will proceed, but here are a couple of key takeaways:

To accommodate the new format, our website is being outfitted with a state-of-the-art bidding platform that will allow people to see the current bids in essentially real time. Bids through the website, over the phone, via email, and so on, will all be accepted, and we hope this new format will be engaging and easy-to-use. The auction will transpire over the entire April 6 - May 1 time period; lots that have reached a bid of $1000 are eligible for callbacks on May 2 between the top four bidders, which will complete the auction.

We hope that by the end of April we will be able to allow bidders to come preview items at our gallery on an appointment-only basis. However, prior to or in lieu of that, we want to do everything we possibly can to help you see and get a sense of the pottery from your own homes. In other words, despite the current situation, we want to make this as interactive as possible. We have some things in mind to augment our usual online materials, but in particular, we are offering live Apple FaceTime previews on lots. All lots are also available for additional photography or phone and e-mail discussion with us. As usual, videos of lots are also being posted to the website soon. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help we can provide!

This will all launch on Monday at 10am (eastern); if you've already left absentee bids in this sale, we will assume that you want those bids to roll into the new format and be bid competitively there. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to remove them. Again, please feel free to read through the extensive breakdown on this page, but once the new format launches on Monday, most of this should be fairly self-explanatory, especially if you've ever bid on our website before, or have participated in other absentee auctions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, etc., and again, we hope all of you are staying safe and healthy during this time!

Our Very Best,
The Zipps

March 17, 2020. 10:57am. Just a quick update regarding our postponed March 21 auction: Our hope had been to have new plans in place by early this week, but even since our Friday announcement, the situation has developed very rapidly. In particular, the Governor of Maryland has now banned all events exceeding 50 people, along with other strong measures including the closure of sit-down restaurants. Because further government restrictions seem inevitable and the immediate future remains very uncertain, we are holding off an announcement on the rescheduling of the auction until we have some clarity. This sale will happen as soon as possible, but we felt the need to at least update everyone. Again, we wish you health and safety during this time.

March 13, 2020. 3:42pm. IMPORTANT: March 21 Auction Postponed.

Dear Friends,

The better part of our week has been spent in a long, thoughtful discussion about the best way to proceed with our current auction in light of the current pandemic. Through all of this, we have primarily kept in mind the many customers we have known for decades, bidders who have regularly attended our sales for over fifteen years, people we have come to call friends. Many are part of a demographic that is hardest hit by COVID-19. This has given us grave concern about holding an auction on March 21.

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Larry Hogan issued a ban on all events within the State of Maryland expected to exceed 250 people. Under ordinary circumstances, our more well-attended auctions can certainly fall into this category.

But beyond this, it is the predominant view of physicians, researchers and other experts on this topic that we, as Americans, can best practice good citizenship in certain concrete ways--one of them being the postponement or cancellation of large events. On a basic level, we do not feel that encouraging people to travel to our gallery and congregate in a large group is in keeping with a spirit of good citizenship, or best care for our customers. This is much more important to us than holding our auction as planned--despite the fact that we strongly wish to do so.

We have been looking forward to March 21 for a long time, and have felt blessed by the quality of consignments with which you have entrusted us for this first auction of a new decade. For all of the reasons stated above, we feel we cannot hold a live auction event on Saturday, March 21. We will be in touch in the coming days with a plan for when and how this landmark event will take place.

Stay safe and well.

All Our Best,
Anthony, Barbara, Brandt, Luke & Mark Zipp

March 6, 2020. 4:06pm. Catalog Posted: Our March 21st Auction of American Stoneware & Redware Catalog is now online! CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT.

The auction takes place on Saturday, March 21 at 10am at our historic gallery in Sparks, MD. (Click here for directions, and here for accommodations.) An auction preview will be held on Friday, March 20, from 1-6pm; you can also preview lots beginning at 8am on Saturday.

Remember that there are several different ways to bid if you are unable to attend the auction: Click here for complete bidding info.

If you ever need to contact us, you can do so here, or give us a call at 410-472-2016.

Highlights from this remarkable sale include the Broadway Water Cooler, one of the finest examples of American stoneware ever sold; an exceptional jar and jug by the enslaved African-American potter, Dave; a very fine Edgefield face jug; an unheard-of John Swann (Alexandria, VA) stoneware jar with incised ship; an important Alamance County, NC redware pitcher; a great Norton deer crock; a newly-surfaced exceptional Anna Pottery 'Shoo Fly' jug; an outstanding Beaver, PA pedestal cooler; an excellent Thomas Chandler, Edgefield District, SC jar; an Ontario redware face jug; an exuberantly-decorated White & Wood (Utica, NY) stoneware churn; and many more museum-quality highlights.

We would like to thank our consignors for making this a truly remarkable sale.

Finally, the Print Catalog for this auction will being shipping early next week. It features well over 350 lots of American stoneware & redware laid out over 130+ pages, and as always serves as a great reference source on antique American utilitarian pottery. You can order your copy today by visiting our Online Store, calling us at (410) 472-2016, or mailing a check for $37.35 (includes priority shipping) to: Crocker Farm, 15900 York Rd, Sparks, MD 21152.

Our Best, The Zipps

March 3, 2020. 12:32pm. Forthcoming Catalog and More Featured Lots:

The catalog for our exciting upcoming March 21 Auction of American Stoneware & Redware is at the printer and should begin shipping around the end of this week; the online version is also coming soon. You can order your copy today by visiting our Online Store.

(Alternatively, please give us a call at 410-472-2016 or feel free to mail a check for $37.35, which includes priority shipping, to: Crocker Farm, 15900 York Rd, Sparks, MD 21152.)

This, our first auction of the new decade, is a remarkable sale, featuring not only one of the finest examples of American stoneware ever sold, but a large number of many other important museum-quality pieces.

Finally, we have added a large number of selected, featured photos from this auction as we approach the release of the full catalog; feel free to click here to view them.

Thanks so much for your interest in our auctions! The Zipps

February 19, 2020. 4:58pm. Added more March 21st featured photos to the website this afternoon.

February 12, 2020. 4:56pm. Added more March 21st featured photos to the website this afternoon.

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