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Our full, free October 26, 2019 online catalog. (You can also Leave Bids right through this page!)

Our faxable absentee bid form. (Remember that you can also leave absentee bids directly through our online catalog, or by calling 410-472-2016.)

Our faxable phone bid form. (You can also give us a call at 410-472-2016.)

Our LIVE Internet Bidding page. (Sends you to; ONLY to be used to watch the auction live and/or bid live over the internet on October 26, 2019; you would also use this link ahead of time to sign up to do so.) -- PLEASE NOTE: Serious bidders who want to bid live on October 26 should consider phone bidding over live internet bidding. (See disclaimer under "Internet Bidding (LIVE!, During the Auction)" below.)

Before bidding, please browse through our various bidding methods below, and click on the appropriate links to read about them in detail:


Crocker Farm, Inc. is not a faceless internet company. We are real people who run a real, live auction that you can attend. For those unable to attend, we offer many different bidding methods that enable you to participate in our auction from all over the United States--as many, many people do each sale.

One of our number one priorities is to make our auction as accessible to as many bidders, in as many different places, as possible. We think we have essentially all of the bases covered in this regard, but if we can ever do anything to make your participation in our auctions easier, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This section explains all of our bidding methods in detail. If you have any questions, again, please give us a call or email us.

Live, In-Person Bidding at Our Gallery

Live, In-Person Bidding

Our auctions are held live, on-site at our historic auction gallery in Sparks, Maryland. Click here for directions. All are welcome to attend the auction in person.

Click here for more information on live bidding!

Traditional Absentee Bidding

Absentee Bidding

With absentee bidding, you give us your maximum bids and we execute them for you competitively as if you were present in the auction room.

If you want to bid from home, but aren't concerned with bidding live over the phone or internet, then this is our default remote bidding method. We take great care in executing your bids.

(Remember that you can also conveniently leave absentee bids through our website. Click here for more info.)

Click here for more information on absentee bidding!

Live Bidding over the Phone

Phone Bidding

With phone bidding, you can bid live on the telephone as your lots are selling in the auction room.

If you want to bid from home, but would like to bid live as the auction is taking place, then we recommend Phone Bidding. This, along with Live Internet Bidding, are the only ways you can bid remotely in real time. (Keep in mind that by signing up for phone bidding, you agree to bid either (a) half of the lot's low estimate or (b) $200, whichever is greater. For items in lower price ranges, please consider one of our other remote bidding methods.)

Please Note: If you are particularly serious about bidding on one or more lots, we highly suggest Phone Bidding over its counterpart, Live Internet Bidding. Live Internet Bidding better suits casual bidders or people who want to watch the auction transpire, and bid here and there--but who aren't concerned about the drawbacks of sending important bids live over the internet.

Click here for more information on phone bidding!

Internet Absentee Bidding

Internet Bidding (Absentee, Before the Auction)

You can leave your bids quickly and easily right through our website!!

With a free account, you can leave your absentee bids directly through our website, and we will execute them competitively for you on auction day.

Click here for more absentee internet bidding info!

Live Internet Bidding via

Internet Bidding (LIVE!, During the Auction)

Powered by LiveAuctioneers, you can bid live during the auction.

With Live Internet Bidding, you can watch the progress of the auction online and bid along.

Please Note: If you are particularly serious about bidding on one or more lots, we highly suggest you sign up for Phone Bidding instead of Live Internet Bidding. Live Internet Bidding works well, and is a great tool for following the auction and bidding on lots as you go. But submitting important bids in real time over the internet is not foolproof, especially in a fast-paced environment like the auction room. With Phone Bidding, we will call you a few lots before your item comes up for sale, and make sure that your bids are executed as if you were standing right there.

Click here for more information on live internet bidding!

Shipping Information

Shipping Info

If you are a successful absentee or phone bidder, we offer full-service packing and shipping to deliver your items to you.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions before bidding.

Click here to read them.

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