☛ Summer (August) auction rules, including exact opening and closing times, procedures, etc. will be posted soon. For reference purposes, our Spring auction rules are still posted below.

Our Spring 2020 auction was originally scheduled as a live event at our historic gallery in Sparks, Maryland, to be held Saturday, March 21. (If you're new to our auctions, this is how our auctions typically take place.) Due to COVID-19, we were forced to postpone the auction and come up with alternate plans. Based on a lot of careful thought and feedback from both consignors and bidders, we have decided to convert this auction into a Remote-Only, Internet / Phone / Absentee auction that will begin Monday, April 6 and end Friday, May 1, with a special callback session to complete the sale on Saturday, May 2.

1. AUCTION FORMAT: This is an absentee, remote-only auction.

2. AUCTION DATE: Bidding opens April 6 at 10am EDT and closes May 1 at 10pm. Callbacks for the top four bidders on each lot will begin on Saturday, May 2nd. (See #7 below for details on the callback session.)

A Note About Absentee Bids Left Prior the Postponement of this Auction: If you already left bids with the intention of having them executed at what would have been our live March 21, 2020 auction, by default we will automatically roll these into the new auction format. If you would prefer to pull those bids back and start from scratch in the new format, you can absolutely do that--either call us (410-472-2016) or email us ( prior to Monday, April 6, and we will cancel your old existing bids.

3. HOW TO BID: Bids are accepted through the following methods:

• Online Bidding Platform: This is the preferred method of bidding.

If you've ever bid via our website,, you already have an account and are ready to go! Simply visit our Online Catalog and log in where prompted. (If you have trouble logging in, please email us for help.)

If you're new to bidding through our website, visit our Registration Page. Signing up only takes a minute or two, and you will pick a username and password. Keep note of these login details; registering will log you in and you'll be all set to bid, but if you ever need to log in again, you'll need these.

Bidding through the website has been designed to be extremely easy and informative. Bids are executed in real time, and every bid you place will give you immediate feedback on your current bid status. Are you the current high bidder? What is the current bid level? These questions are immediately answered on the page, and you can check the current bid of any given item at any time, whether you're bidding on that item or not.

Whenever you leave a bid through the website, you will choose a maximum bid to which you authorize the software to bid competitively on your behalf. This can be as low as the current acceptable minimum bid, or as high as you want it to be. You can bid on any lot as many times as you want. Only the current high bid on a lot is visible to users of the website. Your maximum bid and identity are always a secret and are not divulged under any circumstances.

The new bidding format will be live on the website at 10am, Monday, April 6. To help orient you to what it will look like, here are a couple of screenshots. We are in the process of beta testing the new system, so while the look may change slightly prior to launch, this will give you a great idea of what to expect:

In this example, the bidder has placed a maximum bid of $5000 on Lot 35. The page tells him that he's the high bidder, that the current bid is $4000, and gives him the option to increase his maximum bid if he'd like.

In this second example, the bidder is notified that he has been outbid on Lot 35. Another bidder has exceeded his $5000 maximum bid, coming in with a bid at the next possible increment, $5500. The first outbid bidder can now counter with a bid chosen from a list of preset acceptable bids, or click a link to manually key in a bid.

Remember that this will go live at 10am on Monday, April 6; in the interim, our old bidding format is still live on the website. You can certainly leave bids via the website in the interim, and while any bids you leave will automatically roll into the new format, you will not gain the benefit of seeing current bids until Monday.

• Phone: Call (410) 472-2016 to leave a bid with an auction house partner.

• E-mail: Send an e-mail to with your name and maximum bid amount. An e-mail response will be sent confirming your bid.

• Fax: Fax a completed bid form, available by clicking here, to 410-618-1182. An e-mail response will be sent confirming your bid.

4. ADDITIONAL BIDDING INFO / CLOSING RULES: In the event of a tie bid with another bidder, the bid received first will be executed. Bids will be constantly updated on our website's online bidding platform. Bidders may also call (410) 472-2016 to inquire about current high bids. All forms of bidding will be accepted until 10pm EDT on Friday, May 1. Any lots receiving new high internet bids within ten minutes of the 10pm closing time will be extended an additional ten minutes until there is no more bid activity. These final closing bids after 10pm are only accepted as internet bids.


Under $500: $25.
$500 - $1000: $50.
$1000 - $3000: $100.
$3000 - $5000: $250.
$5000 - $10,000: $500.
$10,000 - $30,000: $1000.
$30,000 - $50,000: $2500.
$50,000 - $100,000: $5000.
$100,000+: $10,000.

(What is a bid increment? Bids must fall on certain round numbers. For example, under $500, the bid increment is $25; thus, bids must fall on a number divisible by 25. $200 is an acceptable bid, $225 is an acceptable bid, $210 is not. Between $1000 and $3000, the bid increment is $100, so bids must fall on a number divisible by 100. $1100 is an acceptable bid, $1700 is an acceptable bid, $1750 is not.)


Your bid(s) will be executed competitively to the amount that gives you the high bid. For example, if an item's current high bid is $1000 and you bid $1800, your bid would be executed one increment above the high bid to $1100. It is entirely possible for you to win an item for less than your maximum bid.

7. CALLBACK PROCEDURE: The top four bidders for items with a bid amount of $1000 or more will receive a call back after the auction closes to continue bidding until a winning bidder is determined. Callbacks begin on Saturday, May 2nd. More details on the exact procedure and rules for callbacks will be posted soon.

8. PREVIEW: In compliance with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's stay-at-home policy, we cannot conduct an in-person auction preview. If this order changes, individual viewing times can be scheduled. In the meantime, we want this auction to be as interactive as possible and are offering live Apple FaceTime previews on lots. All lots are also available for additional photography or phone and e-mail discussion with the auction house. As usual, videos of certain lots are also being posted to the website soon.

9. BUYER'S PREMIUM / AUCTION TERMS: Our buyer's premium is 20%. Payments made by credit card or PayPal are subject to a 3.5% surcharge on your total invoice (selling price plus buyer's premium). For all of our auction terms, please click here.

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