New York City Stoneware Auction Highlights

New York's stoneware craft dates all the way back to the first quarter of the eighteenth century. Though we sold what was probably the product of one of these early potters in early 2012, New York stoneware from before the 1790's is extremely rare. Instead, the City stoneware we have come to know as classic Manhattan stoneware dates from around 1795 to 1820 or so. The key potters during this period were basically Clarkson Crolius, Thomas Commeraw, and John Remmey--Crolius and Remmey being direct descendants of some of the first New York stoneware potters, and Commeraw being, remarkably, a free African American potter who eventually left for the west coast of Africa. We achieved the World Auction Record for Commeraw's work in 2009, and our own Brandt Zipp--who discovered Commeraw's true identity--is currently authoring a book on this remarkable American. (To see highlights of later Manhattan items made in the predominant style of the mid-19th century and beyond--for example, by William MacQuoid--see our New York State Stoneware Highlights page.)
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