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Commeraw's Stoneware: The Life and Work of the First African-American Pottery Owner

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Presented here for the first time in two centuries is the lost story of New York City potter Thomas W. Commeraw, a key early African-American figure whose identity slipped through the fingers of history. Rediscovered by the author in the first years of this century, Commeraw stands as one of the most fascinating of all historic American decorative artists: an abolitionist, activist, highly influential craftsman and, ultimately, the hopeful founder of a new African republic. Hardbound with cloth cover and dust jacket. 311 pages. 589 images. 8 1/2" x 11".

Topics include:

  • Commeraw's fascinating life story, from childhood to death.
  • A comprehensive discussion and illustration of Commeraw's pottery, made from the mid-1790's to late 1810's.
  • Commeraw's abolitionism, political activism and role as an important local free black figure.
  • A thorough history of New York City stoneware.
  • An in-depth breakdown of the work of other New York City stoneware manufacturers, including Clarkson Crolius, Sr.; John Remmey III; and David Morgan.
  • Commeraw's harrowing experiences on the west coast of Africa.
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