David Drake Pottery Auction Highlights

David Drake, the enslaved and later free African-American potter of Edgefield District, South Carolina, has achieved a reputation alongside the most respected 19th century American craftsmen. Born circa 1800, "Dave" (as he signed his work) potted at a succession of stoneware shops in Edgefield District, South Carolina, producing a large amount of inscribed work until his death in the 1870's. Drake's most beloved examples are his "verse" jars, bearing rhyming couplets that take up topics ranging from slavery to romance to faith to pottery itself. Drake was capable of throwing extremely large vessels, often the same that feature his short poems. Ever-increasing interest is being placed by institutions and collectors on early African-American potters like Thomas Commeraw and Dave's fellow enslaved Edgefield potter, Harry--on their lives, work, struggles and achievements.
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