Very Rare Stoneware Jug with Kaolin Slip Flower Inscribed "C. Rhodes," Edgefield District, SC, circa 1850

Spring 2021 Stoneware Auction

Lot #: 79

Price Realized: $6,600.00

($5,500 hammer, plus 20% buyer's premium)

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Very Rare Three-Gallon Stoneware Jug with Kaolin Slip Floral Decoration, Incised "C. Rhodes," Collin Rhodes, Edgefield District, SC, circa 1850, ovoid jug with tooled spout, the surface covered in a dark-olive alkaline glaze and decorated with a kaolin-slip floral design, inscribed "3" for three gallons at the center of the top blossom. Incised near shoulder with the name, "C. Rhodes." The majority of signed pieces produced at the Collin Rhodes pottery feature the kaolin-slip inscription, "C. Rhodes Maker," executed by a hand skilled in penmanship and the art of slip-trailing. Far fewer examples feature the name incised, as seen on this jug. Of important note is the cruder signature on this jug, which indicates it was signed by a different person than the one who typically signed Rhodes's pieces. The signer of this piece appears to be attempting to copy the Rhodes slip-trailed signature, showing similar font to the lettering, but with the letter "o" looking more like an "e" and a backwards "s" at the end of the name. It is believed that this jug was signed by a pottery worker less-skilled in reading and writing, possibly an enslaved craftsmen, of which there were many in Edgefield during the period. Some restoration to spout. An approximately 1" x 1" restored area below spout involving the left side of the central flower and top of the number "3. A thin 2 1/2" crack on underside, continuing 6" up front of jug. H 15".

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