(Please make sure that your Contact Information is up to date if you plan on bidding on Saturday. Click here to do so.)

The online portion of our Summer 2023 auction ends the evening of Friday, August 4. (For more information on how the online auction ends, click here.) Lots that have achieved a minimum bid level of $5000 by the online auction close go on to our Saturday, August 5, phone bidding session. As has always been the case with our auctions, this session will begin at 10am eastern time, and phone bidding will proceed as similarly to our live auctions as possible, with the top four bidders on each of these lots being called simultaneously to compete against each other in the manner of traditional phone bidding. We will begin with Lot 1 and continue throughout the day, with the following estimated time windows for each lot:


You should expect a telephone call during these stated windows of time. (We are generally good at staying within these windows but may fall slightly outside of them from time to time.) To double check the phone number(s) you have on file, click here. (Obviously, not all of the lots listed on the chart above will be part of Saturday's session; the majority of them will have sold on Friday night.)

Finally, if you aren't available for phone bidding on Saturday, August 5, simply place your highest maximum bid via the website interface before the auction close on Friday evening. That maximum bid will continue to be bid competitively on your behalf throughout the duration of the auction, including during Saturday's phone bidding session.


Bidding ends on each lot at 9pm eastern time on Friday, August 4. However, any lots that receive bids within 10 minutes of that closing time (in other words, from 8:50pm onward) will end ten minutes beyond their latest bid. For example, if someone bids on an item at 8:52 pm, that lot will close at 9:02 pm, barring any further bids. If someone then bids on that lot at 9:01pm, the lot would close at 9:11pm, and so on. Once the final ten minutes expires, the lot is closed for online bidding. Lots that have not reached a minimum of $5000 are now sold. Lots that have reached a minimum of $5000 go on to the following day's Phone Bidding Session.

For more information on the procedures, rules and terms & conditions of this auction, please click here.

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