Two Important New World Auction Records for American Stoneware

Monumental American Stoneware Face Water Cooler
The Ohio face cooler that broke both the World Auction Record for an American Face Vessel and that for Ohio Stoneware, at $177,000 in our July 2019 auction.
The Ohio face cooler (Lot 43) in our landmark July 20, 2019 Fifteenth Anniversary Auction of American Stoneware & Redware broke two major world records at $177,000 (includes 18% buyer’s premium)! First, it shattered the previous record for an American Face Vessel, a mark that had been achieved at our July 2018 sale for an Edgefield Face Jug that realized $100,300. (The Edgefield jug continues to hold the World Auction Record for both a Southern face vessel and a more standard face jug, versus the more elaborate jug cooler seen here). Face jugs and, more generally, face vessels have become perhaps the most studied and coveted American stoneware form in recent years.

Edgefield Face Jug
The Edgefield face jug that set a World Auction Record for this beloved form at our July 2018 auction.
Finally, this remarkable cooler also achieved the World Auction Record for Ohio Stoneware, the previous record being $114,000 for a water cooler with elaborate federal eagle decoration. My father likes to remind people how much the market for Ohio stoneware has changed and has really come into its own over the past couple of decades. A hotbed of stoneware production, there was a time many years ago where an Ohio maker or Ohio attribution versus one from, say, its neighboring state of Pennsylvania meant an extreme disparity in price. Depending on the object, that is in no way the case any longer, and the mark we saw reached on Saturday is a great example of that!

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