… And Some More Stoneware Videos

We recently shot several more stoneware-related videos, and here are four of Mark discussing some rare examples. This is something we now plan to make a regular part of our website, and are really enjoying being able to add this kind of content to the internet. With that in mind, we have added a new page to CrockerFarm.com, where all of our videos are available the instant they are added to YouTube: www.crockerfarm.com/videos/

Thank you for your positive feedback about this latest addition to our website!

Mark talks about the unheard-of Bell family (Shenandoah Valley of Virginia) stoneware face pitcher.

Mark discusses “People” crocks of West Virginia and Southwestern PA in general, but specifically the two examples we will be selling on March 3, 2012.

Mark discusses the small-sized, four-handled stoneware jug (New York State origin) we are selling on March 3.

Still on the topic of New York State stoneware, Mark talks about the profusely decorated presentation flower pot / urn made by William Warner in West Troy, NY.

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