Some New Antique Stoneware Videos

We shot and uploaded several new stoneware-related videos this week. We really enjoy talking about American stoneware and redware, and hope this is another good way to share that with you.

Luke discusses David Parr, one of the most influential American stoneware potters, and one Luke has spent a ton of time researching. Not ten years ago, Parr’s work was routinely attributed to some anonymous Pennsylvania potter, and anyone walking through an antiques show, shop, etc. would see tags hanging from his pots with no attribution to the man who made them. Today, these same pieces are, with frequency, accurately attributed as Baltimore pottery, and it was solely Luke’s careful work that has enabled that to happen. Here he discusses two significant Parr examples we will be selling on March 3, including the only known signed example of Parr’s work.

Brandt talks about the Philadelphia stoneware Liberty Bell mug, and the basically unknown potter who made it. Brandt’s in-depth article on the subject will be posted soon.

Luke talks about the ornate Remmey bird bank (includes an interesting, detailed period drawing of the Philadelphia Remmey shop in 1877.)

Brandt talks about North Carolina redware potter Henry Watkins and his signed and dated jar. For more on Watkins, see Turners and Burners by Charles Zug.

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