You can bid live as the auction is taking place. You can also follow the auction from the comfort of your own home, even if you don't plan on bidding.

Please note that if you are Live Internet Bidding on the LiveAuctioneers site, LiveAuctioneers charges a 5% fee that is added to your buyer's premium.

Quick link to our latest Live Internet Bidding page:

Creating a LiveAuctioneers Account

If you haven't joined LiveAuctioneers yet, please visit and click the "Sign Up" link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Follow the instructions on the screen to sign up.

How to Bid

Each of our auctions is posted online about two weeks before sale day. To bid live, you need to sign up for each auction beforehand. (We recommend doing this before auction day. The LiveAuctioneers system is designed to automatically approve some bidders, and automatically hold others for approval. In the event that your registration is held up for any number of reasons, registering beforehand gives us plenty of time to make sure you are all set.)

Registration is simple. Visit our current LiveAuctioneers auction page (click here to do so), and each lot includes a prominent "Bid Now!" link. Click that link and simply follow the prompts to register.

At auction time, return to our current LiveAuctioneers auction page and click one of the prominent links to bid or watch the auction. The software will load and will progress along with the auction, beginning at about 10 am Eastern Time. Lots are sold in order, beginning with Lot 1, and the bidding software is very easy to use. Please remember to bid quickly, as everything happens very fast in the auction room and the internet can have a little bit of a lag to it.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for LiveAuctioneers is, of course, free, but there is an extra 3% charge for all lots on which you were the successful bidder.

(Remember you can visit our main How to Bid page for info on all of our various absentee bidding methods, including pre-auction internet bidding via our website.)

LiveAuctioneers Help

Please visit LiveAuctioneers' Help page for detailed information on using the live bidding software. One link on that page that you really should click is the "Minimum system requirements for online live bidding," which will let you know if your computer is ready for auction day.

What is LiveAuctioneers?

LiveAuctioneers is the web's leading platform for real-time live bidding at auction, providing bidders the ability to participate from the comfort of their own homes. Hundreds of auction companies use LiveAuctioneers to provide their online live bidding needs.

After the Auction

If you are a successful absentee or phone bidder, you should receive an invoice from us the week after the auction; we generally send invoices on the Monday after each sale.

We offer full-service packing and shipping to deliver your items to you.

Other Ways to Bid

Click here to return to our bidding page for info on all of our other bidding methods.

Terms and Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions before bidding.

How-To's on All of Our Bidding Methods

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