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Profusely-Decorated 16-Gallon Antique Greensboro, PA Crock

Luke discusses a fantastic example of southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware that will be sold as part of our July 16, 2016 stoneware and redware auction, bearing the stencil of Hamilton & Jones in Greensboro, PA.

Gigantic Antique Fredericktown, PA Stoneware Jug Cooler

Brandt shows off a very large example of southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware, attributed to A.P. Donaghho in Fredericktown, PA based on its decoration. This wonderful example will be sold as part of our July 16, 2016 auction of American stoneware and redware pottery.

EILER & SUNSHINE, East Birmingham / Pittsburgh, PA Stoneware Water Cooler

Luke talks about a truly exceptional example of southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware: an elaborately-decorated water cooler with very rare pedestal base, inscribed, "EILER & SUNSHINE." Philip Eiler and Henry Sunshine ran their pottery in East Birmingham (today's South Side Pittsburgh) for a brief period, from 1858 to 1862. This excellent example will be sold as part of our March 19, 2016 auction of American stoneware & redware pottery.

Group of Antique Southwestern Pennsylvania Stoneware Pitchers

Luke talks about several pitchers of southwestern PA origin that are part of our March 1, 2014 stoneware & redware pottery auction. Pitchers from this beloved region of American stoneware are rare, and this group is a remarkable assemblage, amongst other important western PA examples we will be selling on March 1.

Extremely Rare R.W. RUSSELL / BEAVER, PA Small-Sized Stoneware Water Cooler

Mark discusses an important new discovery in southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware: an very unusually-sized water cooler with profuse cobalt decoration, made by Ralph W. Russell in Beaver, PA in the mid 19th century. It will be sold as part of our March 1, 2014 stoneware & redware auction.

Hamilton & Jones (Greensboro, PA) Stoneware Eagle Crock, circa 1870

While stenciled eagles appear on many extant examples of southwestern PA stoneware, this is the only one of its kind we have seen--an elaborate incised and freehand decorated eagle on a six-gallon crock made by prolific potters Hamilton & Jones. It will be sold as part of our landmark July 20, 2013 Auction of American Stoneware & Redware Pottery, featuring over 600 lots.

Exceptional Pair of Antique Southwestern Pennsylvania Tanware Pottery Pitchers

Mark discusses a very fine pair of tanware pitchers made in New Geneva or Greensboro, PA around the fourth quarter of the 19th century. These will be sold as part of our landmark July 20, 2013 Auction of American Stoneware & Redware Pottery.

Antique Swank Pottery (Johnstown, PA) Stoneware Presentation Bank

Brandt discusses an exceptional piece of southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware: a bank made at the Swank pottery in Johnstown, made for a local pastor. ( You can read more about Reverend L.M. Boyer at

Antique Southwestern Pennsylvania Stoneware Bank

Banks are amongst the rarest of all American stoneware forms, and southwestern Pennsylvania was no exception. Mark discusses a profusely-decorated example we will be selling on July 21, 2012, as part of our Summer 2012 Antique Stoneware & Redware Pottery auction.

Antique Presentation Stoneware of Eastern and Western Pennsylvania

Brandt talks about two examples of stoneware coincidentally both made for women or girls named Hannah, and uses it as an opportunity to discuss both presentation stoneware, as well as the fundamental difference between stoneware made in the eastern and western parts of the state of Pennsylvania. These two pieces will be sold on March 3, 2012.

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