REMMEY POTTERY Auction Highlights

Important Remmey Family, Philadelphia Stoneware Face Jug


Important Remmey Family, Philadelphia Stoneware Face Jug



The story of the Remmey potters in America begins circa 1730, when Johannes Remmi emigrated from Germany to Manhattan, and immediately began making stoneware in the German style alongside the Crolius family. His offspring would, as a group, become the most prominent family of American stoneware potters, with important shops in not only New York City, but Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other locales. This group of our auction highlights includes some of their masterworks, and demonstrates the enormous capabilities of this famous American potting family. (See also our New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore Highlights.)

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Remmey Family Stoneware Pottery of Philadelphia, NYC, and Baltimore

Luke uses two examples of antique stoneware made by Henry H. Remmey in Philadelphia, PA to discuss the Remmey family of potters as a whole. Two very high quality pieces that illustrate what the Remmeys were capable of, these particular examples are being sold as part of our March 3, 2012 auction.

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