Norton Stoneware Deer Jug w/ Mass. AdvertisingAntique Stoneware People CrockIncised Bird RUM Water Cooler, Probably New York StateBOSTON Stoneware Fish Jug, made by Jonathan FentonPennsylvania Redware American Indian BankAntique Stoneware Pitcher (Henry Remmey, Baltimore)THOS. HAIG / 975 N. 2ND ST. / PHILA Stoneware Chick WatererJOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Redware Green-Glazed FlowerpotRedware Bird FlaskH.C. SMITH / ALEXA. / D.C. Antique Pottery PitcherDAVID MORGAN / NEW YORK Early Stoneware JarMiniature New York or New England Stoneware ChurnMidwestern Stoneware Crock w/ Incised Folk Art Figure of a ManNew York Stoneware Spaniel BankB.C. MILBURN / ALEXA (Alexandria) Stoneware CoolerJ. KEISTER & CO. / STRASBURG, VA. Stoneware PitcherJ. REMMEY / MANHATTAN-WELLS / NEW-YORK Stoneware Crock w/ Incised FloralI. BELL (John Bell, Waynesboro, PA) Redware Ale MugFulper Bros. (Flemington, NJ) Bird CrockBaltimore Stoneware Water CoolerElaborately-Decorated R. BUTT / W. City. D C Stoneware Crock

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