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March 14: Stoneware & Redware Pottery.
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Location: Our historic gallery.

15900 York Rd, Sparks, MD 21152. (Directions.)


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CONTACT Whites Utica Stoneware Pottery Cooler
William Miller Jr. Strasburg, Va Shenandoah Pottery Crock J. HAMILTON / BEAVER Western Pennsylvania Stoneware Cooler
J.H. Miller / Brandenburg, KY Pottery Jar
New England or New York Stoneware Gemel (Double Jug)
B.C. MILBURN / ALEXA Alexandria Pottery Stoneware Jar
J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Hawk Jug
Western PA Stoneware Crock
JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Pottery Hunt Scene Pitcher
JOHN BELL Redware / Earthenware Match Safe
Antique American Redware Book
G.N. Fulton, Virginia Stoneware Jar
Antique American Redware Shoe
Ohio Stoneware Crock
Remmey Pottery Harvest Jug
JOHN BELL Redware Pottery Vase

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PHONE: (410) 472-2016


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Crocker Farm
15900 York Rd.
Sparks, MD 21152 (DIRECTIONS)

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