J. BURGER, JR. / ROCHESTER, N.Y. Stoneware Lion CrockJOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Redware Pottery PitcherMiniature New York or New England Stoneware ChurnJohn Bell Pottery Flower UrnCOWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Crock w/ GrapesR. BUTT / Monty Co. Md. Stoneware Jar, Only Known Example (DC Area)J. REMMEY / MANHATTAN-WELLS / NEW-YORK Stoneware JarH.C. SMITH / ALEXA. / D.C. Antique Pottery PitcherAnna Pottery Snake Jug, Wallace & Cornwall Kirkpatrick, Anna, IllinoisNew York Stoneware Jar w/ Flower Basket DesignMidwestern American Stoneware Elephant CrockJ. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Jug w/ House SceneH. GLAZIER / HUNTINGDON, PA Stoneware Jar w/ Manganese DecorationAmerican Stoneware Crock

You can download printable, PDF-format post-sale price lists for all auctions dating back till March 2009. While others are certainly welcome to download them as well, these lists are particularly meant for customers who own copies of our print catalogs--and who want the prices realized to put with their catalogs.

(For those new to us, prices are listed in our online catalogs after each auction--for an example, click here. These downloadable lists are, as mentioned above, intended mainly as catalog price keys.)


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