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July 16, 2016 Auction at Our Historic Gallery in Sparks, MD. Preview July 15.  |  Click here for more info!  |  Featured Lots:

July Featured Lots:

  • Extremely Important Stoneware Flowerpot w/ Elaborate Incised Birds, att. Morgan, Baltimore, 1820's
  • Extremely Rare and Important Maysville, KY Stoneware Pitcher, Ezekiel Henry Wood, 1840
  • Important Morgantown, WV Stoneware Crock w/ Deer Scene and Fish Decoration
  • Exceptional Henry Remmey, Baltimore Incised Bird Stoneware Pitcher, c1812-29
  • Exceptional 16 Gal. HAMILTON & JONES / GREENSBORO Profusely-Decorated Stoneware Jar
  • Extremely Rare and Important
  • Extremely Rare JOHN BURGER / ROCHESTER Stoneware Water Cooler
  • Exceedingly Rare F. STETZENMEYER & / G. GOETZMAN / ROCHESTER. NY Stoneware Cooler
  • Important 1810 Bucks County, PA Redware Jar w/ Profuse Slip Floral Decoration
  • Important Charles Decker (Tennessee) Stoneware Pitcher for Henry Harrison
  • Exceedingly Rare J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT. Stoneware Lion Jug
  • Exceptional JORDAN Stoneware Jug w/ Elaborate Slip-Trailed Lion's Head Decoration
  • Monumental 8-Gal. Ohio Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Incised Federal Eagle Design
  • Very Rare OTTMAN BROS & CO / FORT EDWARD, NY Stoneware Deer Churn
  • Extremely Rare JOHN BURGER / ROCHESTER Stoneware Rooster Crock
  • Rare Three-Gallon Stoneware Jug w/ Profuse Incised Federal Eagle, Northeastern U.S.
  • Outstanding HAMILTON / GREENSBORO, PA 6 Gal. Pedestal Cooler w/ Elaborate Decoration
  • Monumental 12 Gal. Western PA Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Elaborate Floral Decoration
  • Rare Small-Sized STAR POTTERY (Greensboro, PA) Stoneware Canning Jar w/ Star Motif
  • Rare Stoneware Bank Inscribed in Cobalt
  • Rare COOPER & POWER / MAYSVILLE . KY Stoneware Jar w/ Cobalt Floral Decoration
  • Rare Open-Handled Tanware Vase, New Geneva or Greensboro, PA origin, circa 1885
  • Exceptional Tanware Pitcher, New Geneva or Greensboro, PA origin, circa 1885
  • Exceptional Tanware Pitcher with Elaborate Albany Slip Date,
  • Very Rare Morgantown, West Virginia, School Slip-Decorated Redware Jar
  • Snow Hill Nunnery Redware Bowl w/ Central Cream and Green Slip Star Design
  • Exceptional Lidded PA Redware Jar w/ Manganese Splotches and Unusual Acorn Handle Terminals
  • Fine Small-Sized Anna Pottery Stoneware Snake Jug
  • Fine Anna Pottery 1882 Pig Bottle
  • Very Rare Anna Pottery Stoneware Pig Flask w/ Inscribed Drinking Poem Dated 1880
  • Anna Pottery Stoneware Frog Mug, Wallace and Cornwall Kirkpatrick, Anna, IL, circa 1885
  • Very Rare Southern Stoneware Face Bank, probably Georgia
  • Extremely Rare COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Deer Crock
  • Extremely Rare COWDEN & WILCOX 1/2 Gal. Stoneware Man-in-the-Moon Pitcher
  • Extremely Rare 5 Gal. COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Water Cooler
  • Fine 4 Gal. COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Bird Jug
  • Very Rare M. & T. MILLER / NEWPORT, PA Stoneware Bird Jug
  • Exceptional M. & T. MILLER / NEWPORT, PA Stoneware Grapes Jug
  • Scarce M. & T. MILLER / NEWPORT, PA Stoneware Jar w/ Large Cobalt Leaf
  • Very Rare Stoneware Jar w/ Rooster Decoration attrib. R. J. Grier, Chester County, PA
  • Extremely Rare Manhattan Stoneware Bank w/ Incised Drape and Floral Decoration
  • Very Rare Miniature New York City Stoneware Jar w/ Fine Incised Floral Decoration, c1800
  • Important John Remmey II, Manhattan, NY, circa 1785 Stoneware Jug, Inscribed
  • Rare C. CROLIUS / MANUFACTURER Manhattan Stoneware Jar Impressed PEACHES
  • Rare Thomas Commeraw Stoneware Oyster Jar, G. W. & CO. / WARTER STREET / N. YORK
  • J. REMMEY / MANHATTAN-WELLS / NEW-YORK Stoneware Jug w/ Incised Decoration, c1810
  • 3 Gal. Stoneware Jar with Elaborate Incised Bird Decorations, New York State, circa 1825
  • Very Rare LIBERTY FOREV / S AMBOY N JERSY Stoneware Jar
  • Possibly One-of-a-Kind MADE BY / W. RICKETTS / SOUTH AMBOY Stoneware Jar
  • Fine WARNE & LETTS 1807 / S AMBOY N JERSY Stoneware Jar
  • Extremely Rare Quart Jug w/ Watchspring Decoration att. Abraham Mead, Greenwich, CT, c1790
  • Scarce BOSTON / 1804 Stoneware Ovoid Jug w/ Impressed Swag and Tassel Decoration
  • Extremely Rare J. CLARK & CO. / TROY, BRISTOLS BEER Stoneware Cooler w/ Applied Eagle
  • Fine Stoneware Raeren with Triple Face Decoration, Belgian (previously German) origin, c1500
  • Extremely Rare English Stoneware Jug w/
  • Very Rare J.E. SIMONS (Thurmont, Maryland) Redware Pitcher by Anthony Baecher
  • Very Rare Redware Sugar Bowl Inscribed
  • Rare S. BELL & SON / STRASBURG Large-Sized Redware Handled Cup with Copper Glaze
  • Outstanding Glazed JOHN BELL (Waynesboro, PA) Redware Butter Tub
  • Rare JOHN BELL (Waynesboro, PA) Redware Hunt Scene Pitcher
  • Rare JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Small Redware Bowl w/ Sponged Manganese Decoration
  • Rare Small-Sized JOHN BELL (Waynesboro, PA) Redware Pitcher
  • Rare Slip-Decorated Redware Plate with Tree-of-Life Motif, probably Pennsylvania
  • Exceptional Stepped Redware Jar with Slip Decoration, probably New England origin
  • Extremely Rare John S. Clemmer / Mogadore / Summit Co. / Ohio Stoneware Abolitionist Jug
  • Rare Miniature Ohio Stoneware Pitcher w/ Elaborate Floral Decoration and Scored Handle
  • Very Fine Miniature Decorated Stoneware Pitcher Impressed J. H. PATTON
  • Important B. C. MILBURN, Alexandria, VA Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Slip-Trailed Design
  • Rare John P. Schermerhorn 3 Gal. Stoneware Pitcher w/ Profuse Cobalt Decoration
  • Extremely Rare Diminutive James River Basin of Virginia Stoneware Pitcher
  • Very Rare Miniature Decker Family, Keystone Pottery, Chucky Valley, TN Stoneware Mug
  • Exceedingly Rare Stoneware APPLES Fruit Jar, probably John Morgan, Rockbridge County, VA
  • Fine Half-Gallon Baltimore Stoneware Pitcher w/ Elaborate Floral Decoration, c1840
  • Extremely Rare Four-Gallon WM. HARE / WILMINGTON, DEL Stoneware Jar w/ Floral Design
  • Outstanding 4 Gal. J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Deer Jug
  • Scarce T. HARRINGTON / LYONS Stoneware Jar w/ Cobalt Starface Decoration
  • Rare W. A. LEWIS / GALESVILLE, NY Stoneware Churn with Pheasant Decoration
  • Fine N. CLARK & CO. / LYONS Stoneware Jug w/ Elaborate Floral Decoration
  • Fine JULIUS NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Jar w/ Leaping Rabbit Decoration
  • Fine J. BURGER JR. / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Churn w/ Slip-Trailed Bird Decoration
  • Exceptional HUDSON, N.Y. POTTERY Stoneware Bird Crock
  • Outstanding
  • Fine Pottersville, Edgefield District, SC Alkaline-Glazed Stoneware Jar w/ Impressed Mark at Base
  • Scarce Crawford County, GA Stoneware Coffee Pot with Vibrant Alkaline Glaze
  • Very Fine CJB, Columbus Jackson Becham, Crawford Co, GA Double-Handled Stoneware Jug
  • Very Fine 6 Gal. Early Edgefield, SC Stoneware Jar with Slip
  • Rare D. S., Daniel Seagle, Vale, NC Alkaline-Glazed Stoneware Lidded Jar, c1840

WEBSITE NEWS (7/17/2016): Thanks to everyone for making our auction (more...)

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