Memorial Jug for a Connecticut Potter who Drowned in 1823

This stoneware jug featured in our March 2011 sale was inscribed "BENJAMIN HERINGTON / June the 1st, 1823." Employing research techniques not typically seen at other auction houses, we were able to determine that Herington, a young Connecticut potter, drowned in Norwich harbor on June 1, 1823, and were even able to dig up a fascinating period newspaper account. The jug realized $138,000--at the time the highest price ever paid at a stoneware specialty auction.

The importance of both knowledge and proper marketing in the field of American antiques cannot be overstated, and there is no greater example of this than the field of American stoneware and redware. The difference in price between a piece attributed correctly to a specific maker and one cataloged with an unknown origin can literally be thousands of dollars. Likewise, the difference in price between an object that has been properly marketed and one that has not can be staggering. We have proven time and again that our knowledge, experience, long-standing relationships with buyers, and ability to attract new bidders results in an ideal auction environment.

Edgefield, South Carolina, Stoneware Pottery Face Jug

This Edgefield, South Carolina, stoneware face jug was purchased by the consignor for $1.50 at a yard sale. With our outstanding market for high-end American stoneware from all regions, which includes a very strong market for Southern pottery, it realized the World Auction Record for this beloved American pottery form at $92,000 in our July 2015 auction.

We have been selling American stoneware since 1983 and are the world's premier auction of antique American stoneware and redware pottery. Based on our unsurpassed knowledge of the art form, as well as our exceptional handling of your objects at every step of the auction process (advertising, cataloguing, photography, etc.), our sales have seen many world records set over the last decade. To view all of our many Auction Highlights, please click here; to read more about us and our background, please visit our Bio Page, or check out the many articles written about us in the major antiques trade papers.

Remmey, Philadelphia Stoneware Bank with Incised Bird

A woman in Florida was disposing of antiques her father had collected years ago. She nearly sold a stoneware bank of his for $60 at a yard sale, but was put in contact with us. We correctly attributed the bank to the Remmey family of Philadelphia, PA. It brought $39,600 in our May 2006 auction.

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Shenandoah Valley Stoneware Face Pitcher (Samuel Bell, Winchester or Strasburg, VA

Based on similar known examples, this face pitcher would have been typically attributed to the Remmey potters of Philadelphia, but we were able to properly attribute it to the Bell family of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, yielding a $63,250 selling price in our March 2012 auction.

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Rockingham County, Virginia Stoneware Sugar Bowl

A stoneware sugar bowl, sold in our November 2005 auction, was purchased two years before at another prominent auction for $6,600. We were able to attribute the bowl to the Mennonite potters of Rockingham County, Virginia, yielding a selling price of $22,550.

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