S. BELL (Samuel Bell, Winchester, VA) Stoneware Horses Crock


S. BELL (Samuel Bell, Winchester, VA) Stoneware Horses Crock



Stoneware was, naturally, made all over the state of Virginia, and these highlights are drawn from all areas except for Alexandria (which has its own page alongside other D.C. area pottery) and Strasburg / Winchester (which is listed alongside related redware on our Shenandoah Pottery page). Above you will find examples from potters like J.D. Heatwole and the Coffman family in Rockingham County; John Morgan in Rockbridge County; G. N. Fulton in Alleghany County; J.P. Schermerhorn in Henrico County / Richmond; and Henry Lowndes in Petersburg.

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Virginia Stoneware Incised Bird Pitcher, probably John Schermerhorn, c1815

Luke displays an exceptional Virginia stoneware pitcher bearing an incised bird decoration in the Manhattan and Baltimore style. Inscribed "J.S." on the bottom, it was probably made by well-known Richmond area potter, John P. Schermerhorn. It will be sold as part of our July 22, 2017 auction of American stoneware & redware pottery.

Fantastic B.C. Milburn / Alexandria, Virginia, Antique Stoneware Jar

Brandt shows off one of the finest examples of stoneware made by B.C. Milburn in existence, a well-formed jar profusely-decorated with his signature "slip-trailed" cobalt designs. This important example of Virginia stoneware will be sold as part of our July 16, 2016 auction of American stoneware & redware pottery.

Antique Virginia Stoneware Pottery Face Jug

Mark talks about an important American stoneware discovery. Treasured as one of the pinnacles of the American stoneware craft, face jugs and other face vessels have only very rarely ever been attributable to the Commonwealth of Virginia. This recently-surfaced example is attributed to Virginia--possibly Strasburg, VA in the Shenandoah Valley--based on distinctive clay quality and form. It will be sold as part of our July 19, 2014 Auction of Antique American Stoneware & Redware Pottery.

Stoneware Jar Inscribed, From / Keesee & Parr / Richmond / Va

Luke talks about an important example of Richmond, Virginia, stoneware we will be selling as part of our July 20, 2013 Auction of American Stoneware & Redware Pottery: Made at the manufactory of well-known stoneware potter David Parr, Jr. and his partner Thomas W. Keesee, this jar is inscribed in cobalt, "From / Keesee & Parr / Richmond / Va"--the only example we have ever seen signed in this manner. (All other signed examples are stamped with a maker's mark.)

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