Outstanding "Made by C. F. Bell / Sept 19th 1884" JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO Redware Jug

October 17, 2015 Stoneware Auction

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October 17, 2015 Auction Catalog

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Outstanding and Very Rare Diminutive Glazed Redware Jug, Incised "Made by C.F. Bell / Sept. th 19 1884," Stamped "JOHN BELL / WAYNESBORO'", PA origin, 1884, ovoid jug with tall spout and applied strap handle, the surface decorated with heavy manganese sponging over a mottled olive-and-orange ground with clear lead overglaze. Incised inscription by John Bell's son, Charles Frederick Bell (1840-1899), on underside. John Bell maker's mark impressed at shoulder. Of interesting note is the 1884 date on this example, which indicates John Bell's sons were still employing their father's stamp after his death in 1880. Exceptional size, rare incised inscription, and remarkable condition. Excellent, essentially as-made condition. H 5 1/2".

Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding

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