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On October 1, 2001, we launched this website,, as the most extensive website dedicated to selling American antique stoneware and redware. Over the following two and a half years, we sold hundreds of pieces of American utilitarian pottery, including several rare and important examples. On July 17, 2004, we held our first live auction of fine Antique american stoneware and redware pottery. The auction was a tremendous success, and we subsequently decided to discontinue selling stoneware and redware directly through our website, and instead focus on presenting very high quality auctions on a semi-annual basis. For those that enjoyed looking through the old website and seeing the types of things we sold, we have left these pages up. We welcome you, however, to have a look at our main website by clicking the following link: Crocker Farm Auction of Antique American Stoneware & Redware Pottery.

Small, Washington Co., VA, Stoneware Jar,
Signed "Jessee Vestal, 1864"

One-Gallon Ovoid Stoneware Jar, att. Wilkes Street Pottery, Alexandria, VA

Two-Gallon Early Alexandria Rust-Glazed Stoneware Jar

Exceptional Lead and Manganese Glazed Redware Pitcher, Signed "WINCHESTER POTTERIES VA"

Graduated Group of Early Alexandria Stoneware Jars

1/2 Gallon Stoneware Jar, Signed "E.W. MORT / ALUM-WELLS, VA"

Three-Gallon Ovoid James River Stoneware Jar

1/2 Gallon Decorated Stoneware Jar, Signed

Cobalt-Decorated Stoneware Bowl, Signed "J.M. HICKERSON / STRASBURG, VA" (as-is)

Very Rare Stoneware Canning Jar, "HEATWOLE & SILBER / ROCKINGHAM CO. VA"

Very Rare Decorated Jar, P. HISER & SONS Washington, DC

Beautiful 1 Gallon Ovoid Jar, Attrib. Smith / Alexa.

Important Redware Flowerpot, Signed "Baecher"

Lead & Manganese Glazed Redware Flowerpot, att. Baecher

Extremely Rare Redware Canning Jar, "Carver & Wightman / Edinburg"

Profusely Decorated 4 Gal. J. EBERLY / STRASBURG Crock

2 Gallon J. EBERLY & BRO Crock

Very Rare Redware Footwarmer, Poss. Shenandoah Valley

Signed Eberly Bean Pot w/ Original Lid, repaired handle

Redware Umbrella Stand - Eberly, Shenandoah Valley

SOLD Very Rare Samuel Bell Jar c1840

Exceptional Manganese Dec. Flared Rim Solomon Bell Jar

Early SOLOMON BELL Strasburg, VA. Small-Sized Jar

Very Rare Solomon Bell Crock with Charles Bell Initials

Solomon Bell Gallon Stoneware Jar

Solomon Bell Table Churn

3 Gal. S. BELL & SON Strasburg Handled Crock

Very Rare Gal Stoneware Pitcher, SOLOMON BELL

Solomon Bell 3 Gallon Crock, Signed Twice

Rare Bell Family Redware Hunt Scene Pitcher

4 Gallon W.H. CRISMAN, Strasburg, VA Stoneware Jar

Scarce W.H. Crisman, Strasburg, VA. Crock

Rare KEISTER & SONNER Strasburg, VA. Gal. Jar

Gallon J. Keister, Strasburg, VA. Jar

Rare S.H. SONNER Strasburg, VA. Cake Crock Lid

George Miller, Strasburg Stoneware Bowl

J. Hickerson, Strasburg, VA. 1 Gal. Crock

Outstanding 2 Gallon "W.H. LEHEW & Co." Strasburg Pitcher

SOLD KEESEE & PARR / Richmond, VA. Crock

Very Rare J.D. Magee, Washington County, VA. Jar

Rare G.N. FULTON, Alleghany Co., VA Cobalt Decorated Jar

Very Rare J.H. MILLER Kentucky & Indiana Advert. Jug
(J. MILLEr, Strasburg, VA)

Very Rare R. BUTT W. City, D.C. Churn, c1830

1 Gallon Ovoid Stoneware Jar, c1860, Possibly Milburn

Very Rare Milburn Slip-Trailed Spice Jar

Stoneware Jar, Attrib. JOHN SWANN, Alexandria, c1815

Rare HUGH SMITH & CO. 3 Gallon Jar, 1825-31

Sold, Pending Payment Scarce H.C. Smith, Alexa. D.C. 2 Gallon Jar

Sold, Pending Payment H. Smith, Alexandria Ovoid Jar

Sold, Pending Payment Slip-Trailed 1 Gal. B.C. Milburn Jar

B.C. Milburn, Alexandria 1 Gallon Jar

1 Gal. B.C. Milburn, Alexa. Potted Flower Jar, c1850

Rare B.C. MILBURN, Alexandria, VA Stoneware Pitcher

Very Rare c1815 Stoneware Jar, att. Swann, Alexa.

Unusually Shaped MILLER / ALEXANDRIA 2 Gallon Crock

Outstanding 1 Gallon Stoneware Pitcher, Attrib. Smith, Alexa

SOLD Beautiful 3 Gallon Jar, Attributed to Alexandria, VA.

Attributed to J.D. Heatwole Rockingham County, VA. Jar

Rare Emanuel Suter 2 Gallon Stoneware Jug

Large, 14 " Ovoid Jar, Attrib. to Rockingham Co., VA.

Unsigned Shenandoah Valley Pitcher

Gal. Slave Made Jar, c1860

Very Rare Small-Sized 1 Qt. Stoneware Table Pitcher, Virginia

Nicely Decorated 1 Gallon Pitcher, Attrib. Shenandoah Valley

Gallon Shenandoah Valley Stoneware Pitcher

Lidded Stoneware Jar, Probably James River, Virginia

Rare 2 Gal. Southern Virginia Ovoid Jar

2 Gallon Ovoid Jar, Attrib. JOHN SWANN / Alexa. c1815

Rare Large Sized 9 Gallon Early Redware Jar

1 Gal. W.H. LEHEW / Strasburg Stoneware Pitcher, As Is

Rare Stoneware Chamber Pot, att. John Swann, Alexandria

Extremely Rare Small-Sized Western PA Stoneware Pitcher,

1 Gal. Ovoid Jar, att. Lowndes, Petersburg, VA

Redware Flowerpot, signed S. BELL & SON / STRASBURG

Rare 4 Gal Jug Signed A KEISTER & CO / STRASBURG VA

1 Gal. Ovoid Jar, att. J. SWANN, Alexandria, c1815

Rare Jar with Elaborate Manganese Decoration, att. G.N. Fulton

Blue Decorated Ovoid Jar, att. Lowndes, Petersburg, VA

Unusual 3 Qt. Blue Decorated Pitcher, Central VA Origin

Scarce 1/2 Gallon Strasburg Stoneware Pitcher

Rare & Exceptional 2 Gal. Stoneware Pitcher, Signed,

Monumental 6 Gal. Jar w/ Elaborate and Folky Decoration

Slip-trailed Chain Link Jar, att. B.C. Milburn, Alexandria, VA

1 Gal. Decorated Crock W.H. LEHEW / STRASBURG

Very Rare 6 Gal Crock, att. CARVER & WIGHTMAN

Multi-Glaze Redware Flower Pot, Bell Potters / Strasburg, VA.

Alexandria Spittoon, UNKNOWN MARK: S. Milburn

Early 19th Cent. Box w/ H. C. Smith & Miller Alexa Advertising

Outstanding 3 Gallon Jar with Early "W.H. Lehew & Co." Mark

Very Rare and Important Alexandria Stoneware Jar,

Rare Gallon Washington, D.C. Jar, Signed, R. BUTT / W

Scarce Gallon Redware Jar, E. Suter Capacity Mark

Museum-Quality Redware Flower Vase w/ Lion-Head Handles

Scarce Decorated Stoneware Bowl, W.H. Lehew / Strasburg

Beautiful 1 Gallon Stoneware Jar, Virginia

Very Rare Miniature Rust-Glazed Stoneware Jar,
att. John Swann, Alexandria, VA

Very Rare Blue Decorated Stoneware Flask,
attributed to John Schermerhorn, Richmond, VA

Blue Decorated Gallon Stoneware Jar, Signed D.H. HENKEL
(Stonyman, Virginia)

Small-Sized Stonyman (Luray) VA Jar, Signed D.H. HENKEL

Very Rare Lead & Manganese Glazed Redware Vase,

1 Gallon Stoneware Jar, H. Lowndes Maker / Petersburg Va

Gallon B.C. MILBURN Squat-Shaped Jar

2 Gal. Ovoid Decorated Jar, att. Hugh Smith, Alexandria, c1825

Extremely Rare and Important Shenandoah Valley
Multi-Glazed Redware Bird House

Rare Stoneware Cream Jar Dated 1875 in Cobalt,
att. Heatwole, Rockingham County, VA

Elaborately Decorated, Ovoid Stoneware Jar,
Signed W.H. Lehew & Co. / Strasburg, VA

Rare Rockingham Co., VA Blue-Decorated Preserve Jar,
attributed to J.D. Heatwole

Very Rare 2 Gallon Stoneware Pitcher, Signed

Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar w/ Nashville, Tenn. Stenciling

Vibrantly Decorated Rockingham Co. 2 Gal. Stoneware Jar, Heatwole or Coffman, (as-is)

Monumental 3 Gallon Stoneware Pitcher, Signed

Very Rare Stoneware Water Cooler, att. Lowndes, Petersburg

Gallon E.J. Miller, Alexandria, VA, Damaged

Rare Ship Chandler's Jug, C. G. TAYLOR / Petersburg, Va.

Very Rare 5 Gallon Cream Jar, att. E. SUTER

Rare 3 Gallon Stoneware Pitcher, Richmond / James River Area

Early Alexandria 3 Gallon Stoneware Jar with Rust Glaze

Rare "MT. CRAWFORD VA" Tapered Stoneware Crock (as-is)

3 Gal. James River Stoneware Jar, prob. Schermerhorn (as-is)

Unusual Blue Decorated Strasburg Stoneware Churn

Very Rare Blue Decorated Butter Crock Signed,

Rare Shenandoah Valley Multi-Glazed Redware Wash Bowl,
attributed to J. Eberly & Co. (as-is)

Unusual Bowl-Shaped Stoneware Jar Signed
E.W. MORT / ALUM WELLS, VA (Washington County)

Magnificent 5 Gal. Ovoid Jar, att. Shenandoah Valley

Beautifully Decorated 2 Gallon Ovoid Jar, c1845

Monumental 10 Gallon Decorated Stoneware Crock, att. S. BELL & SONS / STRASBURG

Rare "FREDERICKSBURG, VA" Advertising Crock, Signed,

Very Rare Stoneware Jar, Signed "E.C PHELPS / PARKERSBURG VA"

Very Rare Stoneware Churn Guide, Signed "SOLOMON BELL / STRASBURG / Va"

Early Alexandria Rust-Glazed Stoneware Jar, att. John Swann

Early Virginia Stoneware 1 Gallon Jug

Rare Heavily-Decorated 2 Gallon Shenandoah Valley
Stoneware Pitcher, attrib. J Keister & Co. / Strasburg, VA

Small-Sized, Manganese Decorated Stoneware Jar
w/ Incised Date, attrib. G.N. Fulton, Allegheny Co., VA

Rare Washington Co., VA, Stoneware Jar, Signed

Scarce One Gallon Canning Jug, Signed "SOLOMON BELL / STRASBURG VA"

Gal. Stoneware Jar, Signed S. Bell & Son / Strasburg, VA

Very Rare Signed Rockbridge County VA Canning Jar

Rare Decorated Stoneware Harvest Jug, Lewis Manning Haun, Greene County, TN

Signed Eberly / Strasburg 2 Gallon Stoneware Crock

Gallon Decorated Jar, Impressed, B.C. MILBURN

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