B.C. MILBURN / ALEXA (Alexandria, VA) Stoneware CrockCORTLAND, New York Stoneware New York Stoneware Jar w/ Flower Basket DesignShenandoah Valley Redware Pitcher & Washbowl Set, attrib. J. Eberly & Co., Strasburg, VACOWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA JugTHOMAS D. CHOLLAR / CORTLAND New York Stoneware CoolerJOHN BELL Redware Jug (Waynesboro, PA)Philadelphia Stoneware Chicken WatererB.C. MILBURN / ALEXANDRIA, D.C. Stoneware JarJ. KEISTER & CO. / STRASBURG, VA. Stoneware PitcherI. BELL (John Bell, Waynesboro, PA) Redware Ale MugWhelchel Pottery, Spartanburg, South Carolina Stoneware PitcherPair of Stoneware Figures, attributed T. Harrington, Lyons, NYHAMILTON & CO. / Greensboro, Western PA Stoneware Jar


HUNT VALLEY, MD (less than 10 minutes from the auction)

Residence Inn

Embassy Suites


SHREWSBURY, PA (about 20 minutes from the auction)

Hampton Inn

TIMONIUM, MD (less than 15 minutes from the auction)

Holiday Inn

All of these hotels are just off of I-83, and are some of the better hotels in the area. If you're interested in staying at another hotel, please feel free to contact us and we'll let you know if it's a good option.

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