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Massachusetts Stoneware: $180,000.
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Next Auction of American Stoneware & Redware
Next Auction of American Stoneware & Redware

With over $40 million sold and in business since 1983, we hold every major world record for antique American stoneware. (Learn more about what we do for you.)

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Commeraw's Stoneware
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Commeraw's Stoneware
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Over $40 million sold and in business since 1983, we hold every major record. What we do for you.

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David Drake's April 12, 1858 25-Gallon Poem Jar: A Very Large Jar Which Has Four Handles

$1.56 Mil

The Anna Pottery Liberty Monument, 1873


Very Important Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Profuse Incised Federal Eagle Motif, att. Henry Remmey, Baltimore, 1812-29


The Broadway Water Cooler: American Stoneware at Its Greatest (Geddes, NY)


Exceptional Stoneware Churn w/ Detailed Decoration of Four Civil War Soldiers


Highly Important David Drake June 28, 1854 Stoneware Jug Inscribed Lm says this handle will crack


Highly Important Stoneware Pitcher w/ Incised Federal Eagle Decoration, New York City, September 15, 1806


Important Presentation Cooler w/ Elaborate Incised Ship Design, attrib. Abial Price, South Amboy, NJ, Dated 1839


Exceedingly Important Stoneware Jug w/ Elaborate Incised Ship Decoration, probably Crolius Family, New York City, 18th century


Exceedingly Important Morgan Maker (William Morgan, Baltimore, 1822-27) Stoneware Water Cooler


Outstanding Stoneware Jar Inscribed Lm / Dave / Decr. 17 1857 Edgefield District, SC


Exceedingly Rare and Important Loudoun County, VA, Stoneware Ring Flask w/ Incised Federal Eagle and Patriotic Inscriptions, 1827


Extremely Rare and Important Manhattan Stoneware Jar with Incised Eagle, Inscribed New York / Oct. 25 / 1802


Highly Important Mrs. Elesebeth Tarbell / 1806 BOSTON Stoneware Jar


Exceedingly Rare and Important Twenty-Gallon Stoneware Face Water Cooler


Extremely Important West Troy, NY Stoneware Elephant Crock


Exceedingly Rare and Important Alkaline-Glazed Stoneware Face Jug, Edgefield District, SC, c1850-1880


Exceedingly Rare and Important WM. MOYER / HARRISBURG, PA Stoneware Pedestal Water Cooler


Extremely Rare and Important Maysville, KY Stoneware Pitcher, Ezekiel Henry Wood, 1840


Important and Outstanding Anna Pottery Stoneware Snake Jug


American Stoneware Masterpiece, Memorial Jug for a Potter Who Drowned


Outstanding Alamance County, North Carolina Redware Lidded Sugar Jar


Extremely Rare Redware Jar attrib. Christian Klinker, Bucks County, PA, 1773-1798


Exceedingly Rare and Important Thomas W. Commeraw 18th Century Stoneware Jar, COERLEARS HOOK / N. YORK


Highly Important WEST TROY POTTERY Twenty-Gallon Stoneware Keg w/ Elaborate Cobalt Landscape


Extremely Important Jar by Enslaved Potter Harry, Pottersville, Edgefield District, SC, circa 1840


Extremely Important Anna Pottery President Grover Cleveland Pitcher


Important Pair of Shenandoah Valley Redware Whippets, Samuel Bell, Winchester, VA, 1841


Exceedingly Rare & Important Manhattan Stoneware Lion Pitcher


Highly Important and Monumental Remmey Family Masterwork, Philadelphia, 1828


Exceedingly Rare and Important F. STETZENMEYER / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Crock w/ Elaborate Deer Scene


Antique Stoneware Water Cooler, Stamped BOYNTON (Albany, NY)


Profusely-Decorated Poughkeepsie, NY Stoneware Storefront Jug


Extremely Rare and Important Edgefield, South Carolina, Stoneware Face Harvest Jug


Extremely Rare and Important COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG, PA Civil War Soldier Jug


The Finest Known Thomas Commeraw, Corlears Hook, NY Stoneware Jug


Important Stoneware Jug by Dave (August 17, 1852), Edgefield District, SC


Outstanding J. & E. NORTON / BENNINGTON, VT Stoneware Jar w/ Extravagant Cobalt Deer Scene


Extremely Rare and Important S. BELL (Samuel Bell, Winchester, VA) Seven-Gallon Stoneware Horses Jar, circa 1840


Extremely Rare and Important Stoneware Face Jug, Edgefield, SC, circa 1860


Extremely Important TYLER & DILLON / ALBANY Stoneware BRANDY Keg w/ Exceptional Incised Fish Decoration




Extremely Rare and Important Anna Pottery Centennial Snake Temperance Jug


Exceedingly Rare & Important Remmey, Philadelphia Stoneware Face Jug


Exceedingly Rare and Important Morgan & Amoss (Baltimore) 1820 Stoneware Jar w/ Two-Sided Incised Bird Decoration


Extremely Important Samuel Troxel Sgraffito Redware Plate, Montgomery County, PA, 1833


Exceptional Monumental Anna Pottery Stoneware Fair Jug


Exceedingly Rare Edgefield District, SC Stoneware Face Jug


Highly Important Absalom Bixler (Lancaster County, PA) Redware Flowerpot w/ Applied Cat and Bird Motif, READY FOR A CATCH


Exceptional Stoneware Jug by Dave, Inscribed Lm / June 10 1853, Edgefield District, SC


Exceptional and Important New York Stoneware Co. Jug w/ Elaborate Frog Decoration, Made for Potter's Son


H. MYERS (Baltimore Stoneware) Cooler


Exceedingly Rare and Important 18th Century Crolius Family (Manhattan) Stoneware Flask w/ Profuse Decoration


Exceptional N. CLARK & CO. / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Jar w/ Elaborate Deer Scene


Extraordinary N. CLARK & CO. / ROCHESTER, NY Stoneware Churn w/ Elaborate Phoenix Bird Design


Important Double-Handled Stoneware Jug by Dave (August 31, 1852), Edgefield District, SC


Exceedingly Rare and Important Anna Pottery Stoneware Temperance Jug, circa 1862


M & T Miller, Newport, PA Stoneware Bird House


Rare and Important Large-Sized Edgefield, SC Stoneware Face Jug, c1845-65


Exceptional Edgefield District, SC Stoneware Face Cup


Exceedingly Rare Cornwall, New York Incised Mermaid Stoneware Water Cooler


Antique Stoneware Pitcher (Henry Remmey, Baltimore)


Exceedingly Rare and Important Anna Pottery Snake Jug w/ Civil War & Slavery Motifs


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